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April 25 2008

Summer Glau chats with She talks about her "lucky day", Sarah Connor, The Serving Girl, and if she'll appear in Dollhouse.

Link goes to blog post, interview is in pdf format

That ballet thing sounds more interesting every day! :) I can't wait to see her driving a little car around in circles with a bear sitting next to her... ;)

She is asked a question about the chance she might appear in Dollhouse or David Nutter's new show Scarlett... What is Scarlett? The message boards on IMDB are saying stuff like, its a viral campaign for a new TV set or a new camera.
I love you Xerox. It's always the first thing that pops in my head when I hear the word ballet. Cue Calliope music.
I love that you love me theMidnighter... :)
Re "Scarlet", there is no TV listing here on its premiere date of 4/28, so yeah, probably either a viral ad campaign or an internet series. I thought the commercial looked a little weird, a little too ... commercialy.
I so hope they get The Serving Girl made. Ever since that scene in T:SCC, I've been wanting to see more of her dancing.
Yes, cabri... almost as if it was a commercial! ;) But seriously... yeah it does look weird. The interviews with the actors and David Nutter almost seem scripted. On IMDB its listed as a Mini-Series.
I feel that since this thread is about Summer, I have to include this statement:
"Summer Glau is the Best Movie Ever!"
"Join the Army!"
"That's Mr. Moviefone! How'd you get him to say that?"
"You slept with him!"

That's a reference to Josie and the Pussycats (2001)... :)

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jcs, you did see her dancing in Waiting In The Wings, the Angel ep, right? If not, check it out. It's choice.
EDIT: Oops, wrong post.

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Was going to say the same thing re: Waiting in the Wings. Also, Josie is a vastly under-rated bit of dark comedic satire :)
No mention of the movie that was the reason she canceled her appearance at the UK convention?
Yes, of course I've seen Waiting in the Wings (many times). I mean MORE dancing!! :)
TamaraC, Maybe that's because it's the same secret movie that was the reason that Nathan cancelled his appearance at the LA convention last fall. ;-)

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BrewBunny, I prefer to not go there.
Ditto. All I will say is the last time that was suggested, it was over Alan canceling his appearance due to TV work. He was doing the read through for his new ABC show with the cast and showrunner during that time, it turned out - I know, 'cos he emailed my best friend saying that.
Back on March 27th the webmaster of posted on the site after receiving a message from Summer.
The entry read in part:
As for her new movie, well, itís still top secret and no info has filtered. She canít tell me anything, but she will when sheís allowed to.

Full post on
Has she been asked about appearing in the new Terminator movie as a cameo or something as Cameron's terminator model? The Producers of the movie have mentioned that they want to try to keep some continuity between movie and the show. They've been talking with Josh Friedman about the franchise's timeline so that fans don't get upset.

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I'm a contrarian who hopes that Josh screws with the timelines just to see the over-obsessive fanboys have seizures. The nitpicking on a show like this that is built upon time paradox after time paradox is asinine.
Yep, there's plenty to nit-pick on the show but the time-travel, by the founding rules of the Terminatorverse themselves, basically has a free pass.

Course, a creator doing things purely to annoy fans would also be asinine ;).

(always tickles me how we can talk endlessly about stuff non Buffy fans would consider pointless bollocks and yet when others do it it's fanboyish or over-obsessive. No fandom is an island, entire of itself, y'know ? ;)
Are you suggesting that some people don't consider who sired Spike to be a matter worth arguing about? Well, I never.
I know, right, where are their priorities ? Maniacs ;).
TamaraC, there is an issue about continuity (sort of) with the upcoming movie and they're trying to work it out, or at least not totally undercut each other's plotlines -- as the Smallville people negotiated a bit with the Superman movie remake people. (Not that it helped the remake any.)

Saje: we've got to have priorities.
Of course, I have also never cared about who Spike's sire was or cared about any Buffyverse shipping silliness or who Tim and Joss kill off on the shows. I'm either a bad fan or am able to keep my fiction at an enjoyable distance.
Well, I guess some enjoy distance (whatever that means ;) and some enjoy details TamaraC. Just as I don't castigate you for being "too" distant I don't castigate them (or sometimes "us" ;) for being "too" close. Horses for courses and at the end of the day who's hurt by "over-obsessiveness" ? We're all just shootin' the breeze ;).

(note that i'm not defending aggressive whinging or threats or the superior attitude that one opinion is "just true" or any of the numerous other anti-social ways people have of expressing themselves on the net, I find that just as annoying as i'm sure you do)
I think both viewpoints make a pretty picture. Remember Ferris Bueler's Day Off? They went to the Museum of Art (or something) and were checking out the paintings. Ferris was checking out the paintings from afar, but his best friends was up close to the painting; so close he could brush it with his nose.

From afar, you see the whole picture and simply enjoy the beauty.

Up close, you see the individual dots of color, how they blend to make more colors, and appreciate the amount of time and work an artist had to go through to create that particular masterpiece.

Both viewpoints are valued. All interpretations are considered (like shippers or the relationship you have with a particular character).

Our visual appreciation and interpretation compared to other fandom's obsessiveness? We just like different art. Not everyone appreciates Van Gogh or understands Picasso.

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