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April 26 2008

Universal generously providing Film Prints to CSTS. "Universal will be shipping in a number of prints from around the globe to help account for the shortage, at cost to them, which is incredibly generous." CSTS will evidently have enough Prints available, even with new Venues being added.

That is so great! Yippee!
It's poetically fitting in a way...Mr. Universal: "you can't stop the Serenity."
Quite classy, really. Hip, hip, huzzah!

--Now if only my back will heal so I can go!

Is there a way to donate $$ even if one isn't attending? Should I do that locally, or what?
im sure if you contact the organiser from your area, they can work out something if you want to donate. or you could grab some merch.
CSTS will evidently have enough Prints available, even with new Venues being added.

I may be wrong, but I think this is a little misleading--as I understand it, some venues will still be using DVDs.
I thought that the venues screening the DVD were doing so by choice? (But I'm happy to be corrected if that's not the case.)

Regardless, Universal's offer to ship in new prints is very generous. It's a testament to what a good relationship the organizers have managed to build up, as well as an acknowledgment on Universal's part that they appreciate that an audience/purpose exists for these screenings.
Nice to see people, well, being nice.
That's just awesome. Awesome. Well done, CSTS. And well done, Universal. Them's warm fuzzy feelings.
Very cool, indeed.
That's a relief, and a great gesture from Universal
CSTS will evidently have enough Prints available, even with new Venues being added.

I may be wrong, but I think this is a little misleading--as I understand it, some venues will still be using DVDs.

I'm sorry, Jester in a cast. That was the fault of my wording. No attempt at being misleading intended. My only point was, new venues are being added, despite the current Print shortage.
That's wonderful! Now maybe all the conspiracy theorists will stfu. *yeah right* ;-)
Whoo-hoo Universal!
Sounds like they're just glad to be doing good works!

And good for them, I say!
I think this annual event has been great PR for Universal and I'm glad to see they are doing something to support it! Browncoats are very loyal fans, who have bought the BDM in a number of different formats and multiple copies (at least I've bought at least a dozen Serenity DVDs my own self);, the studio will never be losing money by allowing new fans to see it as it was really made to be seen: on the big damn screen!
ok to clear up the "miseleading" line above. no country has as many prints as the US did, because most of theUS ones were being saved from destruction because so many cities were having events. Universal cannot ship in an unlimited number of prints from around the world, but they did find more. so yes, some people have opted to go to dvd, so that others who are locked into a 35mm venue can still hold their event. so new events will need to either use dvd or hold their event a little later to allow shuffling of the prints around the US.

my current understanding is that in the US there is 11 prints available. one has been booked by clay theatre in san fran, which they are using to cash in on the CSTS event timing. to be clear it is NOT a CSTS event. so that leaves 10. Uni has managed to find about another 6-8 prints from places like canada who have more prints than screenings this year.
I think it's a little misleading to call the Landmark screenings 'cashing in', except in the most benign capitalist sense. Last year they showed Serenity all through the summer across the country in their Midnight Madness series. Obviously a film shown in August in St. Louis is not cashing in on June CSTS event timing, and hopefully the San Francisco Clay Theatre screening means that Serenity will once again be part of Midnight Madness, though they haven't yet put up their schedule. While I am a strong supporter of CSTS, I'm also tickled that Serenity is still considered a moneymaker for somebody.

Edited to clarify that the clay is in SF.

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Ivalaine, please use capital letters in your posts, as per site rules. Thanks.
cabri, thanks for clearing that up. It's always good to have all the facts before the fandom goes off half-cocked. Again.
The point was that the Clay is playing Serenity on the main CSTS weekend -- not on some random date at some point during the year.

Hence the appearance (correct or not) of them "cashing in". And it does mean that this impacts the availability of prints on that weekend to CSTS events. (Not that the Clay would have known that when they booked the film, since there was no print shortage when they booked the film.)

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It is not just in the summer. Landmark theaters showed Serenity in a bunch of months in 2006, 2007, and in January 2008 and on Ground Hog Day 2008.

I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't a bunch of Browncoat theater owners/managers at Landmark theaters. Uptown Theatre in Minneapolis, MN screened Serenity on September 30, 2006 Not a random date either to Browncoats. Landmark theater have also been selling Serenity Collector's Edition DVDs at the counter. Several screened Serenity right around the release of Serenity CE.

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