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April 27 2008

James Marsters gets caught in TMZ star catcher video clip. He is leaving the airport and ask about the chance of a Spike movie. His piece is 35 seconds into the clip.

Another one of those videos where you have to be in the States to view . . . . . .
I'm in the States, and I've been waiting 10 minutes to watch 2 seconds of this vid. I'm gonna rely on the comments of others to know what gets said.
He says that there is no movie, but he would like to play the character again but Joss isn't interested.
I was debating posting this... I really hate TMZ. I am really confused as to whether Joss really DOESN'T like spike, if James just thinks he doesn't.
Thing that sucks about vampires: they don't age, actors do. This is why asking about a Spike movie is something of a stupid question. Of course, if Spike was made human.. :)

I'm also not in America, so I can't see the clip, but I really don't like the sound of "star catcher." This isn't some creepy, "let's not leave them alone!" thing, is it? (I already have a large dislike of the paparazzi, and people who abuse others' privacy and personal space).
I watched the clip and to be honest James does look a bit taken aback with the sudden "interview."

But it's quite short as he keeps walking and going on his way as he's answering.
Well, at least it means he's really made it if he's on TMZ now, heh...
He looked really tired. I guess this is when he was getting back from Mexico??? And he's said repeatedly that he thinks Joss isn't interested. Haven't heard Joss say that but it seems like James would know.
More likely coming in from (or arriving in)Canada (shooting Smallville). This would explain the jacket.
FWIW, "Joss not being interested" in a Spike movie right now does not = "Joss really doesn't like Spike." Those are two quite different concepts. The latter notion strikes me as completely ridiculous.
I don't think it's Joss that isn't interested. He's expressed a lot of interest in past in case people have forgotten. It's the studios that just weren't interested.
We really don't know that either. All we know is that the studios were not willing to commit to the series of four movies that Joss was promoting at one time, only one of which would have Spike in it, and would have heavily featured Illyria.

James didn't even know about this idea, until a fan told him about it well after Joss had discussed it with Amy and everyone on Whedonesque was aware of it.

So while we may not know whether or not Joss is interested in Spike, we do know that James believes he isn't.

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A wild guess on my part: it may be that James initially heard about the four movie thing from rapidly spreading fan gossip rather than from Joss, and so James has deduced that Spike isn't so important to Joss.
TMZ got around to James? Oh, god, no. Poor James. He's used to fan craziness and now he might just have to get used to a whole new crazy.

And as for Joss' interest. I think, Joss might have been interested a while back, but whose to say he is still as interested now. He has a bit on his plate after all. Joss might not be interested in butting heads with the PTB again after they already rebuffed him. It just might not be the top of his priorities right now – but we all know that if the gang who had already expressed their willingness that if everything aligns, they’ll do it.

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Aw, that made me a little sad. James looked all resigned to it just not happening, and he looked sad as well.

I hope he doesn't really think that Joss doesn't value Spike. I'm of the mind that Joss values all his characters.

And he could SO still play Spike. Everyone knows it's that pesky soul that's causing him to age... ;)
Well, I'm just hoping that Joss maybe will pass a Spike movie on to Brian Lynch, who really gets, and seems to like, Spike.

I would be very very happy about that.
I would be happier about that than if Joss wrote the movie.
Well, he originally had passed it on to Tim Minear to write, but when no one wants to pay for it, it kinda doesn't matter who is interested or who it gets passed to. I've never gotten the impression from anyone involved with the shows, other than James, that Joss isn't interested in Spike. Our William saved the bloody world at the end of S7 and then came back to be a champion in L.A. Of course, by now, we've driven Lynch away, so...
It seems to me that Joss is less "not interested" and more "not thinking it will happen". I'm as big a Spike fan as there is but even I think it's a ship that has long sailed away.

That said, at the end of the day James has his own perspective on this and is maybe in a position to see things differently to us fans. He worked with Joss for many years and so is going to have a much better idea than any of us about how Joss views the character of Spike. I've read many times how James doesn't think that Joss really wanted the character of Spike to develop to the point that he did but went along with the fan reaction as the love for Spike grew. Personally I don't see Joss doing anything on his shows that didn't serve the story he wanted to tell, so I don't see him developing Spike unless he actually wanted to, regardless of fan reaction. Tara had a big fanbase too, after all. Didn't stop Joss from killing her off.

Still, as I said, it's all about individual perspective and James has his, just as we all do. There's no right or wrong here. Just opinion.
Well, perhaps more aptly, only Joss knows for sure :)
Ah but is Joss' opinion canon ? *ruuuuuuunnnnnnsssssss*

(and what have you all done to drive Mr Brian Lynch esq. away, you 'orrible lot ?)
Overwhelming negativity re: Franco Urru's beautiful (but stylized) art is certainly one factor. Sadly, its true that those who have a complaint speak early and often while those who are happy about something by and large don't bother making as much noise.
Ah, shame. Always liked it myself but i've not been in any of the recent Angel:ATF threads cos, for one reason or another, i've been getting the comics so long after the fact that it feels kinda daft to drop in (not just late to the party but so late that the original hosts have actually moved house ;).
That could be fun showing up for a party after the hosts have not only shut down the party, but packed up shop altogether :) Must try that some time ;)
"...only Joss knows for sure."

True, but only we know for sure what we think Joss knows for sure and what we think James thinks about what Joss thinks... for sure. ;)

So is Brian definitely no longer posting here? That's a great shame, if true, although I can kind of appreciate why he would choose not to. The negativity towards Franco's work was getting a little uncomfortable to read and I don't blame Brian for not wanting to continue seeing it in thread after thread about his work. Hope he knows that there are just as many people that absolutely love what Franco did with the Angelverse, not to mention his own contributions.
As a counterbalance, I will say that as a creator you have to expect to get slapped as well as hugged coming to the wild, wild internet for instant feedback.

Highlander - ah, but when did James know what he thought he knew about what Joss thought James knew that we thought what we thought about what James thought Joss knew?
Yeah, I have to agree about creators taking the rough with the smooth when it comes to the internet. However, the Franco Urru reactions around here were starting to make Joe Quesada look popular at Newsarama. :)

As for what James knew and when he knew it? Who knows? ;)
Life is like a box of chocolates - sometimes you end up with "overwhelming negativity" filling instead of strawberry creme. And even if it's a beach you occasionally get sand in your picnic. Not usually wasps though (might be the salt air).

Must try that some time ;)

Be warned, your "new hosts", being huge killjoys, will sometimes describe your partying as "burglary" to the authorities. You'd be amazed how often the police aren't interested in the finer points of that particular semantic distinction.
The police are well known for their obsession with semantic distinctions. Please no one make this into a Sting joke ;)
I'm curious as to what "overwhelming negativity" filling would taste like. Cod liver oil perhaps? Snot?
Cod snot in liver oil? :)
Dear all, this is the thread in which Brian said goodbye.
I'll have to try and remember to check that thread when Angel: ATF no. 9 comes out ;).

(and "overwhelming negativity" ? Tastes like chicken)
Sure, the sour chicken of despair. What?
I don't know what overwhelming negativity tastes like, but I suspect celebrity internet gossip that fans the flames of fan grudges tastes a bit like sugar-coated wasps. So sweet, so stingy.
I hadn't seen that thread before. (Also behind on ATF.) Can't say that I blame Brian--not that anybody was harsh in that thread, but getting a bunch of criticism while you're in the middle of writing something could certainly be stifling.

Back on topic: Chicken flavored chocolate? Well, you could carefully cut each chocolate open before you bite into it, but how dull would that be? (And it might hurt the fans.)

OK, maybe that's not the topic. But it's better than TMZ. No TMZ for me, thanks.

Ah, I see Sunfire has cleverly gotten the chocolate on topic. Kudos!
I didn't realize we lost a couple of points of pride here at Whedonesque. I'll miss Mr. Lynch's inside scoop. He was always able to give us clues on "who's figure that is in the shadows" or "the clarity of Conner's full recovery of his memory". Maybe a lesson to be learned is that we post the good with the bad and vice-versa. Just negative comments won't warm the hearts of champions, you know?

And, regarding James' thoughts on Joss' interests of Spike, maybe we could get a better idea if we knew when this harrassment-disguised-as-a-horrible-excuse-for-an-interview was taken. If it was taken post-Paley Center, perhaps James spoke with Joss about it, and determined there was a lack of interest. This is purely speculation, but perhaps they're growing apart? Joss has moved onto new projects, while James had his heart set on Spike... and then nothing.

I agree. He looks exhausted, bewildered, harrassed, and sad.

Thanks, moley75. I've just read the thread in question and find myself agreeing with Brian's reasons for stepping away from Whedonesque. If I was writing ATF I'd probably make the same choice. Much easier to write a book as you see fit if you aren't having to constantly defend your use of the characters to those who think they know them better than you. As I said above, a shame he's gone but I totally understand his reasoning.
Ah, I see Sunfire has cleverly gotten the chocolate on topic. Kudos!

Actually it was just a quasi-clever way to take a potshot at celebrity gossip blogs, which I loathe. I like Saje and zeitgeist's side discussions. Chocolate-covered ire is really the nicest description I'm capable of giving gossip blogs though.

I'll make a real attempt this time. So, Spike movie. The obstacles in the path of that particular project idea are likely numerous and exhausting to consider. Ripper seems to be kind of barely staying oh-so-possible, and that one seems to have good fortune on its side at the moment. Buffy spin-offs of the filmed variety never seem to work out. I hope Ripper is the exception. I would have liked to have seen Spike: The Vampire's Vampire, in which he is a secret agent hired by The Initiative to save the world all Bond-style and badass.
I agree. He looks exhausted, bewildered, harassed, and sad.

I just read on MarstersofOz that James was so ill in Cardiff this weekend that he canceled his concert at The Rift event. I'll check back there for more news, as several members are at The Rift.

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