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April 28 2008

Nerds everywhere are happy. TWoP's Angel Cohn (formally of TV Guide) talks about seeing Seth Green at New York Comic Con and his recent appearance on Conan O'Brian. Also, she includes a Hulu link that goes directly to Seth's segment on Conan (after a short commercial, of course!)

She states:

I love Seth Green, he's one of the few people from Buffy who I refer to using their real name instead of their character name when I see them in other projects. Trust me, this comes up way more frequently then you would think.

Of Seth on Conan she says:

...I can't help but think that because of the tremendous height and body type difference between the two of them, it sort of looks like that scene in the first Lord of the Rings movie where Gandalf and Frodo are riding in the cart and one is gigantic (that would be Conan in this scenario) and one is just an itty bitty hobbit (that would be Seth).

Nerds everywhere? Even those outside of the US who can't watch the video?
I'm in the US and am having connection issues. I guess I'm not a nerd today?

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