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April 27 2008

Christian Kane's Radio Tour dates in FL. Chris is headed to Florida this week to play for radio stations. Let's show our support, if you're in one of the areas, call the station and request they have him do a live performance on-air.

And if you got the time maybe go to the station and cheer him on, as he works on launching his album into the mainstream.

UPDATE: We now have times to go with the dates.

Apr 28 2008 10:00A
WGNE Radio - 99.9 Gator Country - Jacksonville, Florida
Apr 28 2008 1:00P
WOGK - 93.7 K-Country - Ocala, Florida
Apr 28 2008 3:30P
WPCV - 97 Country (97.5) - Lakeland, Florida
Apr 29 2008 9:00A
WQYK - 99.5 Tampa Bay’s Country Station - Tampa, Florida
Apr 29 2008 12:15P
WWGR - Gator Country 101.9 - Ft. Myers, Florida
Apr 29 2008 6:00P
WCTQ Listener Show at Acapulco - 106.5 CTQ - Sarasota
Apr 30 2008 9:00A
WIRK - 107.9 The Country K - West Palm Beach, Florida
Apr 30 2008 12:00P
WKIS - 99.9 KISS COUNTRY - Miami, Florida

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See, the trouble is that he plays "country" music. I would rather listen to polka.
Not when "country music" encompasses Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, the Jayhawks, Gillian Welch, Wilco, and the Dixie Chicks. Some of my favorite artists right there. Might even include the entire Bluegrass genre, depending on your definition.

Of course, polka's not so bad either. :-)
Not to mention that if you watch the CMT's you'll find people like Nelly, Robert Plant, Bon Jovi, and the Eagles crossing over to the country side of the market.
I will be in the studio at WQYK tomorrow morning doing my weekly SPCA adoption segment at 8am - I usually go on at about 8:20, and then I go next door for another interview, which means I will be either in the studio or the studio's hallway as Christian goes in for his segment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to meet him- guess I will have to pretty myself up (usually I go in with jeans and a hat since it's radio!)!
Well if you only go in wearing jeans and a hat you will definitely get his attention.

Very excited about his release. Been a fan since I heard him sing on Angel and went "Hmmm... wonder if he has a band." A google search later a fan is made.

The single was supposed to be released to radio today but it's been pushed back to the end of summer. =(
Wow, Jim in Buffalo, you took the words right out of my mouth - including the polka part!

(I have listened to some of the Rick Rubin-produced Johnny Cash, to give him his due - thankfully, he stays away from that godawful, nails-on-chalkboard twanginess which characterizes most country music.)

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