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April 27 2008

Anthony Stewart Head featured in "The Scotsman". ASH's upcoming role in "The Invisibles", as well as a discussion of his work on Buffy, Little Britain, and Monarch of the Glen.

A touch of Minder, eh? Sounds good. I loved that show back in the day. (Although I can't think of Dennis Waterman now without thinking of the Little Britain mini-Waterman.) ASH sounds like a solid bloke. Which he should be, coming from Camden.
Oh, gads, do I LOVE that man! I giggled and chuckled and laughed out loud several times.

Plus? The outfit. Oh, how I wish they'd had pictures! Grrrrowl.

But he really is a sweetheart, and still can't quite figure out the whole "sex symbol" thing. That, right there? Is part of it.

Really wish I could see his new show. Guess I'll just have to sacrifice a goat or two to the NBC gods so I can see Merlin this winter.
Even Boris Karloff came from the dead to tell him how he loved BtVS and to ask for an autograph.

I love ASH, and whenever I read his name I always have to sigh at the possibility of Ripper.

This is Smallville Meets Camelot

Had the weirdest mind flash here. *shudder*
Reviews for The Invisibles have not been kind but I'll be watching it on Thursday to see what it's like.
'It is no surprise to learn that the star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was once voted "the sexiest man in sci-fi".'
No surprise? I was quite surprised to learn that Sarah Michelle Gellar was a man.

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GreatMuppetyOdin: Well, in their defense, there are "aboot" half a dozen definitons of "star." Given that eh was established performer featured with an "and" credit at the end of the credits, he is definuitely a star of the show, and the difference between "a" and "the" has become blurred this past century or so.
I was more surprised to learn that he was a *bumbling* librarian. It seemed to me that Giles had that library in tip-top order.

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