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August 09 2002

(SPOILER) Zap2it picks up on the Simkins news and drops in some new spoilery episode information:

Joss will be writing an episode to air during November sweeps which will see characters returning to their S1 personas.

Looks as though Joss will be wearing many hats this year.
If this means more snarky, bitchy Queen C., all I can say is 'Yay!'.
Steve DeKnight posted at the Bronzebeta earlier:

Steve DeKnight says:
(Sat Aug 10 06:40:35 2002)

Since we of the Angel ilk are a small but true band, yes, more producing stuff is required. Same goes for the amazing Mere Smith. And yes, the rumors are true. Jumpin’ Jeff Bell has taken over the day to day Rear Admiraling of the show, and we couldn’t be happier. Not to say we didn’t really like David Simkins – a nicer man you will not meet. Just a really tough job to walk into. We all wish him the best.

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