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"Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?"
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June 16 2003

Not Chosen - a parody. "Look, pet, I just saved several pages of script and extricated you from the Cookie speech. I mean, face it -- the Yellow Crayon thing was Shakespearean
compared to that."

Perfect thing to read first thing at work on a Monday morning.

OMG, ....Your silky Maybeline skin. Coffee spewing across the keyboard. :D
That was really well done. I liked the ending - Linda is clearly a Redemptionista.
Hey, is that the same Linda that did the 'MidSummers Night Dream' Buffy parody?
...we can do anything! Helen Reddy was a Potential? Then Elliot the Dragon was her Watcher, yeah, like Fray had a demon watcher... uh, NO.

I can't make myself read that again, so please let's just forget I said anything.
Wow! Thanks prolific! I've actually read one of her novels. I was going to say someone should snap her up, but I see she has been, um, snapped---(hey, it beats an uncooked cookie analogy, all that aforementioned 'snapping', right? It could be worse, her name could be Ginger--- *hums, and backs away from self slowly*)
But I liked "Chosen"! Funny parody, though.
Very funny. And I thought I was a Spike fan. My favorite bit was the line between Willow an Kennedy towards the end:

Sorry. Ok, fine. But no way am I killing you - that would be a Lesbian Cliche. Now stop worrying and do the thing!
I noticed you can buy most of Linda Barlow's books used at for exactly one cent a piece.

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