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April 28 2008

WB relaunches as online video network. The WB hopes to survive on the web/bring Buffy to a new generation.

So will the writers get residuals for this?

I wondered about this (concerning Gossip Girl):
The CW Network, which once streamed full episodes of the show on the Internet, decided recently to pull it off the Internet to boost TV viewership.
Will people watch it on TV because they can't get it on the network site? Seems like they'd be more likely to look for it elsewhere online.
Is it really a done deal that shows from rival studios (like Buffy) will be on this? Really?

eta: according to the official press release they will be distributing shows from rival studios and Buffy is one of them. It doesn't sound like Buffy will be available on the comcast VOD part of the distribution strategy. There is a lot going on with this and it is pretty confusing. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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You beat me to it, Simon.
RE: simons link... we can re-edit the shows? This seems like a really strange idea.
jcs | April 28, 22:12 CET
"So will the writers get residuals for this? "

Does anybody know the final signed contract terms?
re-edit the shows?

Strange indeed. I guess they're trying to regularize the fanvid? Seems like some of the creators wouldn't be too excited about that feature.
I would imagine there's nothing they could do about it.
*snort* I could care less what the WB does. I already have my beloved DVDs, anytime anywhere, babe. I think fanvids are a delight when done right - and sometimes even when not. And putting Buffy after Smallville? *is looking for all angles to feel pissy about WB* C'mon.

Users will now be able to take ownership of these cherished characters and relationships and bring them into their homes on their own terms, customizing, reordering, re-editing and reinterpreting these shows in a very personal way.

Um. I'm already doing that, though less with the 'ownership' and more with the 'worship'. *shrug*

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