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April 28 2008

First look at "Dragonball" poster! First look at the promotional campaign for James Marsters upcoming "Dragonball" film!

Not that you see him (or much of anything in the poster), but it's cool to see the buzz begin.

I know this is going to suck, but man I'm getting excited...
The poster is kinda underwhelming, IMHO. :(
The DragonBall fan websites seem very happy with the use of the four star DragonBall. I don't know the significance, but it seemed to make the fans happy. Considering that production wrapped just a month ago and the movie doesn't open for almost a year, I'm impressed there is already a teaser poster (and multiple fan-sites.) This could be a blockbuster if Fox really gets behind it. I do like the tagline, "The Legend Comes to Life April 2009".
Interwebs says the four-star dragonball belonged to Goku (the main character's) grandfather in the original series, and finding it was a major quest.

It's a nifty enough poster, but I'm kinda bummed at the lack of "look at our actors all did up!" Oh well, give it time, give it time.
They are being extremely secretive about Piccolo's appearance, so I doubt if we'll ever see him on a movie poster.
Ah ha! Now I know who Goku is. (Andrew mentions him.)
*pout* And here I was expecting to see Jimmy all greened up. I wonder if he got some tips from Andy Hallett.

I know I'm not excited about this... and yet, I am. Strange.

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I remember way back when (if a uni guy can even claim 'way back when') Dragon Ball Z was all the rage with my fellow school kids. We watched, we talked about it, and we got disappointed when they aired re-runs instead of new episodes. So while this isn't like... "Oh em gee Dollhouse!" to me, I'm pretty enthused about seeing what they do with it. I'm excited to see it.
the photo was removed.. did anyone save it?

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