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April 28 2008

Michelle Trachtenberg on the Set of Gossip Girl. Interview over at

sorry I just had to. :P

Altough she's all grown up now, she's still little annoying Dawn to me (and I still refuse to see Gossip Girl :P)
"I get to wear the greatest clothes" doesn't sell Gossip Girl to me either. Sorry guys.
I watched a little bit tonight just to see how Michelle did, and while I'll probably never look at the show again, she was doing just fine - getting to play all nasty and plotting must be at least fun.

But honestly, I could've sworn she had special effects contact lenses in - she has the largest, most ginormous dark eyes I've ever seen - in a couple of shots at a restaurant, she looked exactly like one of those wide-eyed moppets painted by Margaret Keane - the ones that kinda give me the willies.

Other than that, I got nothing...
Wow, thanks for the creepy link, QG, those things totally gave me a wiggins.
Teen dramas just don't do it for me. I could never stand The O.C. or One Tree Hill and this just seems more of the same, at least from everything I've seen and read. Bratty rich kids doing what bratty rich kids do. Thrilling in that not-thrilling-at-all kinda way.

I'm glad that Michelle is getting work and on what seems to be a popular show but it's the same as Nathan on Desperate Housewives for me. Good luck to them but I'll see them on their next projects.
Well, whether it's actually popular is a bit of a contentious issue Highlander. Basically, ratings wise it's a flop getting about 2 million viewers per episode BUT it's doing well on downloads/streaming (partly because its viewership skews so young). Naturally, given that it was doing well in streaming, CW Pres Dawn Ostroff decided to stop the streaming, presumably in an attempt to force people to watch it when it's on (i'm sure there's a planet on which that makes sense, just curious what colour the sky is there ;).

Not my bag at all and though I liked Dawn by season 7 and have absolutely nothing against Ms Trachtenberg i'm not gonna watch this solely for her.
2 million viewers per episode, Saje? Isn't that something of a record for The CW? ;)

Joking aside, not following the show I've not taken much notice of the ratings but I'd guess that was actually a relatively decent amount of viewers for a new CW series. I do seem to remember reading a while back that it was the only new series of the 2007/08 season that had done even remotely well for the netlet, so I guess that qualifies as a success, one way or another. The show doesn't entirely suck = success. Sounds like The CW to me. ;)

Obviously that sarcasm was in no way directed towards Supernatural, which will forever go down in history as the sole reason that The CW deserved to exist at all.
Well, it's about their 5th rated show which, though arguably not a failure by their own standards, is also pretty far from a hit i'd say.

You're most welcome, z. I mean, why should they only invade my dreams?

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I watch Gossip Girl. It's meaningless fluff, but it's fun.

One question: due to the long hiatus, I've forgotten if Dan and Serena had sex yet. Does anyone know?

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