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April 29 2008

Celeb Blog: Michelle Trachtenberg. "The latest star on Gossip Girl, Michelle Trachtenberg, writes an exclusive blog just for Cosmo readers."

It looks like an editor told her to fill in the blanks or something... It's so peppy!
Oh dear, I feel tremendously old as a result of having read that.

And if Cosmo is a 'bible'- then call me an atheist.
See what religion's up to? Beauty tips and fancy restaurants.
I always knew a is the way to b.
I've always wanted to read a blog written by a PR rep.
The first rule of blogging is authenticity.
The second rule of blogging is also authenticity. But we don't talk about the rules. Oh, wait, that's that other thing... ;)
That was the old first rule of blogging Caroline, the new first rule of blogging is product placement.

(not that I said that, since we don't talk about the rules ;)
And if it's your first time, you have to fight!

Wait. That's not right..
I challenge the PR who wrote that blog. Why? Because it was too pretty.
Help! Burning eyes! Shouldn't have read that. No way that has been written by a normal human being, so yes, PR rep would be my guess.

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Truffle mac-n-cheese. Wellllll excuuuuuse the blue bloody hell out of meeeeeeeeee!

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