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June 16 2003

Why TV Guide picked Tom Lenk over James Marsters for their fantasy Emmy ballot. All that and why Alias gets more recognition than Buffy.

You know, we could start our own 'Buffy drinking game' for everytime BtVS or AtS gets a mention in TVGuide. Not that I'm c oomplaining, mind you, but most programs eventually get compared to either (1)the writing (yay Joss), (2)the acting (James, Aly, Amber, etc) or (3)the fan base (yay us!).

Now, this would be a nice little drinking game, no one would get plowed, just pleasantly buzzed, as I have noticed since "Chosen" that BtVS garners at least 3 mentions per Guide---

Of course, I suppose it would depend on the drink, hmmmm---
I appreciate that Matt Rousche loves Buffy and promotes it frequently, but I still disagree that Tom Lenk was more deserving of an Emmy nom than James Marsters. Even if his story lines were uneven, his acting was pitch-perfect every step of the way - hell he deserves an Emmy just for the cross draping scene "Can we rest now?" - Still makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

But, like he said, any Buffy cast member getting mentioned at Emmy time is pretty much a non-issue. *sigh*
Tis a case of a prophet in his own land. Heck half the shows that will win this year will be long be forgetten in years to come but BtVS will still be remembered for being one of the best shows of all time.
Buffy vs Alias.

While I like the snappy dialogue on Buffy, Alias is a more mainstream show with more edge of your seat action and plot twists. I think JG is a better actress than SMG and Ms Garner also does most of her own fights and stunts. Watching SMG run or punch was never real convincing as someone who was supposed to be tough.
Tom Lenk really shined with the bits of material he was given, I don't know if his performance was "Emmy worthy" but it did deserve a nod of some sort.

It makes little sense, but I do hope we will see Andrew again, it'd be interesting to that character continue to evolve.

James Marsters performed solidly this season and every season come to think of it. While he is more worthy of said honor ( or said fantastical variation ) he will have other chances to continue to prove his worth.

Jennifer Garner is great. I watch both Alias and Buffy. I often question why I watch Alias. It never goes anywhere everyone always takes themselves seriously all the time (except Marshall, who unlike Tom Lenk, may never get any chance to be anything but a comic foil ) the fate of the world always hangs in the balance, and is always punctuated by a running fight scene with techno music accompaniment, though unlike Buffy I feel myself beginning not to care. Author gives it too much credit.
Thank God, My wife & I thought we were the only people who had soured on Alias. I watched all of S1 and most of S2 but the utter lack of a sense of humor just killed it for me. The repetative nature of the storytelling didn't help either.
Yeah, "Alias" had a brill first season, but towards the end of last season I really found I didn't care---even the 'cliff hanger' was sort of 'oh, hmmm, really---"

ps: 2 BtVS references in this week's 'Hulk' TVGuide, for those keeping count. :D

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Here's my problem with "Alias": Although I love the complexity/mystery of the supporting characters and the terrific performances from Garber, Rifkin,Olin et al., I've found it increasingly hard to stay interested in the character of Sydney. Maybe it's because she's become way too good at her job (it'd be nice to see her botch a mission once in awhile), or because she spent half of last season making googly eyes at Vaughn, or maybe because the show put too much emphasis on Sydney's scantily-clad bod instead of her well-trained mind. There was very little darkness or complexity shown in Syndey during season 2, in contrast to the initially grief-stricken, often-confused and tentative Sydney of season 1; she was just a little too perfect this year, and that makes for a mighty boring protagonist. One of the reasons that Buffy was such an engaging heroine, after all, was that despite her super powers she was as flawed and human as the rest of us. (Plus, Buffy never needed to wear lingerie to fight the bad guys....) I'm hopeful, though, that the events of the "Alias" season finale will mess mightily with Sydney's do-goodness, and perhaps some of the shadowy intrigue in her parents' personalities will appear in her own nature.
I'm sorry, but aren't acting awards supposed to be based on acting? Now the storyline is a factor? Lenk was a one trick pony this season. It was a brilliant trick and I love the Andrew episode, but he doesn't compare to Marsters or even Gellar in terms of acting. He does a good nervous dork. He does it very well, but is that emmy worthy? I didn't see anything from him this year that I didn't last year. Just because he got all the punchlines, all of the sudden he's the better actor? I disagree.

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