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April 29 2008

Serenity Valley Map to be released in May. This 30" x 26.5" lithograph will be limited to 1500 copies.

Lovely graphics -- as good as the planet chart below.
Looks lovely. I'm always mixed about things like this, on the one hand they're entirely arbitrary, but on the other hand they look gorgeous. I believe QMX still have those Serenity-themed travel posters too.
Very pretty. Don't see where it's available for pre-order though (just curious how much it'll cost).

The posters and this map have been the most tempting so far - posters because they'd actually go on a wall and this because I really like maps.
Saje, also has them available for pre-order, as well as the Fruity Oaty Bar and Worlds of Serenity lithographs. All are $39.95.
Aha, thanks kvmc. About 20 quid. Hmm, not bad, especially given it's a nice healthy size.
I would absolutely love to have one of these.
But my lack of credit card and the fact I don't live in the US will mean I'll have to try and find a decent photo to print if I want one.

PayPal's the way to go if you want to order from the US and you don't have a credit card. Or if you can get a Visa Debit card...

(I don't have a credit card either, on principle. I realise this means my credit rating will suffer, but frankly I think it's absolutely absurd that they try to convince us not having a credit card is a bad thing.)
It's just handy is all, especially now that cheques are somewhat out of favour. Having said that, if I didn't have one i'd probably save about 100 a month on average just from Amazon alone and I went about 8-10 years with no cards/cheques/overdraft at all (i.e. using cash for everything) and hardly noticed.

(dunno about elsewhere okelay but in the UK there's a thing called a '3V' card which basically works like a Visa card that you "fill" with credit by purchasing it over-the-counter in various newsagents etc. Good thing is, it's impossible to go over your limit or run up huge debts because you can only get as much credit as you have cash to buy it. It might also be possible to get one if you're under 18, don't really see why not)
Paypal screwed me recently on a defective laptop I purchased. They said they only guarantee purchases made on Ebay. I should have used my Visa...

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