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April 29 2008

Summer Glau Joins List of TV Guide's Sexiest Stars. It was a competitive race for Sexiest Sidekick, but Summer, as Cameron on "Sarah Connor Chronicles", won that category. She, and several other stars, will be featured in the "Sexiest Stars" issue on May 5th.

So what do you guys think about these "sexiest stars" lists? Just a wild guess but I bet some find them demeaning and others aren't this a double post?

Oh wait, I had it confused with "Entertainment Weekly's 30 Under 30" honor or maybe it was, "Spike TV's "Guy's Choice Award" or most likely it was "FHM's 100 Sexiest Women."

She is one popular lady.
I think they never make everyone happy, alexreager.
I never agree with them.
I don't agree with this one.

But I suppose they find it easier to rate how hot they are than their acting abilities. or you know, anything else.
In all fariness, okelay, it's easier to make accurate snap judgements about "sexiness"--even though it is a subjective term--than about acting ability. Sometimes, the material or direction an actress is given impedes audience perception of her acting skills. Claire Danes is a much better actress than Les Miserables would lead you to believe; ditto with Diane Kruger and Troy. (Ob Buffyverse: I'd include Alyson and American Pie in here, but I never watched any of those movies, despite her presence)
I'm not getting into the sexy part, but calling Summer a sidekick is just wrong in my book. Not to talk badly about her co-stars, but she does seem to steal the show; At times she overshadows the rest of the cast by her presence and acting skills.
Sexiest Cyborg would be a competitive category this year. Missed opportunity, TV Guide. Next year you can try Sexiest Doll Persona though.
totally agree with their decision :)

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