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April 29 2008

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is "Whedonesque". According to Neil Patrick Harris in this video interview for EW's Popwatch blog.

He says release plans are still up in the air. Begins at about 2:15.

That was a very funny piece! Loved the last question :D
Yes, Neil Patrick Harris is awesometeen, and I can't wait for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!! I'm thrilled they are making DVD extras, because that means there will be DVDs to buy (because free online is very cool, but making money is even better).
NPH said that he'd participated in the Shakespeare readings at Joss's house! I never knew that. It's a little vague, but it almost sounds like they're still on-going, or at least that there've been some more recently than during BtVS's run. Cool.
Maybe he was introduced to them by Aly Hannigan ? Tangled webs, rich tapestries etc.

Very funny guy. I liked the way he'd say something and just let it lie for long enough to be all the more amusing from the uncomfortable awkwardness (or maybe he was assuming the host would jump in ?). Either way, fun little interview.

And yep, i've long thought Dr Horrible's is more here than almost anywhere else (certainly more than it is, that's fer sure. Ptooey).
I have to say thing, so please don't throw assorted fruits or meats at me.

This is going to be Legend...

...wait for it... know, Joss is really cool and I'm glad that we will have this musical because there is not enough Joss to go around...

I didn't think it would be possible for me to love the idea of Dr. Horrible any more than I already do, but that was before NPH mentioned the "Evil League of Evil."

This is already one of the best things I've ever seen.
I'm officially in love with NPH.

That may have been too forward, but I wanted it known that my socks are rocked.

In fact, let it be known that he is the slip of sunlight that my tiny weed of a flower stretches to in the break of a storm.

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Adoration of Neil Patrick Harris does seem to be catching.

P.S. You forgot to close the small tag, korkster.
[fixed that, but nice of you to close it :) -ed]
shambleau, one of the HIMYM commentary tracks mentions that NPH and Amy Acker are best friends. Don't know if Amy was there at the Shakespeare readings too, but I figured that was his original Joss connection.
Yes, I'm sure Joss had mentioned about Amy Acker being at the Shakespeare readings and making a kick ass Lady Macbeth, but like Shambleau, I had thought they were a thing of the past... like before Joss' kids were born.
Sunfire, I did? Didn't notice that. How did you know that I forgot? Weird.

I always thought that the Shakespeare readings were for 'verse alumns only... what was NPH doing there? Not that I care (since I love him and all), but it does make me wonder who else was at those readings...
Okay, so now we know why NPH is in this thing - it all comes back to the Shakespeare readings! Awesome.

Also, I'm still in love with him.
Oh yes, "The Evil League of Evil" sounds just so wonderfully...evil!
Can't wait.
korkster: "Sunfire, I did? Didn't notice that. How did you know that I forgot? Weird."

Well, I want to say that Sunfire's psychic, korkster, but when someone leaves a tag open the subsequent posts are affected until someone either closes it in their own later post, or a mod edits your original post.

NPH! Rah and sis boombah. He is delightfully sarcastic. His humor is of the whacked, as Joss' can be, so it really makes sense that he'd become a "Peep."

I want to be a member of "The Evil League of Evil." I mean, I think maybe I am already.
Didn't The Trio belong to the Evil League of Evil?
Amy and Neil have been close friends for a long time (I saw her at a con the day before her HIMYM ep aired and she was talking about how weird it was to be making out with Neil, and that she didn't think she was very funny, though she thought Alexis was. Bless her! She rocked it.), so it could still have been before Joss's kids were born.
Ah, to be a voyeuristic fly to all those Shakespeare Readings…

Or you know, just a regular person, trying not to get drowned by the awesomeness.

I want to be a member of the Evil League of Evil. I don't know what their deal is, but I want in!
I just adored the way NPH's face just lit up at the mention of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. How cool is that?
I noticed that too, Vinity. I'm guessing Neil has still to yet taste the fandom's power. Soon. Give him time. *looks around* Was that an evil laugh?
*pffft* Some of us have been on the NPH bandwagon since his Doogie days. :-) I know it's not Whedon-y, but did any other Neilaphiles from the olden days bust a gut at the ending of HIMYM a couple of weeks back?!!? BWAHAHAH!
*looks at OzLady*

"Are you evil? No? Then what's with that shiny button?"

Vinity & Mirage, I saw that "look" too. Did he think that Dr. Horrible could be kept a secret?

QuoterGal, thanks for the info. I was wondering why no one was posting their musings.

Shakespeare Readings: I wonder what other plots have been conceived at these readings. And does that mean that the verses that Joss created mingle at these readings? Firefly interacting with Buffy & Angel? It's like a Joss mafia! Once you're in with Joss, you're in for life.

You are surely welcome, korkster.

I can date my love of NPH to the precise moment I first saw him on a Comedy Central promo special for MST3K, saying he looooved it.

That's really all it takes, folks. That, and dark chocolate.
Sorry, I had to google MST3K. I like the concept, but I'd rather just riff the bad movies myself (like Camp; that was so much fun! The ENTIRE theater riffed it!)

Isn't dark chocolate the chewy center under the inner core? Makes the world go round?
I'm amazed! For an interview plugging Harold and Kumar, there was a LOT of Whedon mentioning.

Sania D.
I have to say thing, so please don't throw assorted fruits or meats at me.

Can Joss just film Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog Shakespeare readings?

It sure sounds like something Dr. Horrible would do in his lair when he isn't out doing evil. Or maybe that is something the "The Evil League of Evil" does at their meetings for fun.

Maybe the "The Evil League of Evil" comes over to Dr. Horrible's lair for Shakespeare readings.

And whoo-hoo! DVD extras!
I love how surprised/delighted he sounded that so many people were asking about Dr. Horrible. We really do need to get a Dr. Horrible panel together for ComicCon. Who's got con staff connections?
QG, if a dark witch can't be a member of TELoE, I don't know who can! Although you do sometimes lean a bit towards . (Yes I know, it's harsh of me, but it had to be said!) Perhaps that's what's keeping your application on hold.
I think he was surprised because he expected that "most of [EW's] readers" would want to know about his sexuality, or if Barney and Robin are ever going to get married and have a million babies, or something similar that he's already answered and doesn't feel like answering again. So it was probably nice to get asked something relatively new.
So that's The Evil League of League of Evil's position. Not to be confused with with the Reformed branch of the League of Evil (Maiming, Not Murder), or the Kill them All, Let God Sort Them Out branch, that I thought was the responsible choice on this issue.
OMG, I bet he's doing a slap bet with Jason.

Genitals: Awkward silence. LMAO

Jason having a crush on Neil. Harhar.

DVD-extras. Yes! I want this on DVD.

Am I the only one who thinks the interviewer has a crush on Neil? :D

Can't wait for Dr. Horrible.

"Suit Up !"
NPH is brilliant. My desktop background is him riding a unicorn.

Does anyone have any of the HIMYM DVDs? Are the extras good?
I swear, even my little dog has a crush on NPH.
You should see her during 'How I Met Your Mother', she just sits in front of the screen, captivated. But then, she also likes infomercials.
That bitch.

I can imagine the words "Evil League of Evil!" coming directly from Lilah Morgan's mouth. (Boy it's crowded in my head at times.)
How long until I can buy an official 'Evil League of Evil' t-shirt?
Or maybe an 'I'm with Evil -->' t-shirt...
Jona - I have both seasons, and the extras are my favourite DVD extras ever. The commentaries are fun (I like season one best, will some full cast ones, but season two are just as good) and the featurettes/gag reels make me giggle time and time again.

Definitely worth the spend!
Speaking of Comic Con (which was mentioned by RayHill)... do we know if any of our Wheds are going this year? This would be the AWESOMEST year to go! B:S8, A:ATF, S:ATF, Sugarshock complete, Dollhouse, completion of the Amazing X-Men, Dr. Horrible... are they coming so we can get previews? Signatures? Squee-factors??? I need to know so I can buy that ridiculous $75 ticket for 4-days. I checked for the schedule today, but no dice yet. :(
I already bought my 4-day $75 ticket even though I can't afford to book a hotel or airfare, and because I have no idea what my life and work situation will be like come July.
Cheers Rach

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