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June 16 2003

Buffy Season 7 FAQ. Great read for people bitter about the last season.

Ok, mostly it's a bunch of pissing an moaning, but I did laugh in spite of myself at this:

There are stairs down to the Hellmouth?
Well, yeah. Didn’t you see them?

Who built them?
Yo’ mama.

And what happened to Janice and all of Dawn’s other friends?
They all died. Tragic combine incident. We’d rather not talk about it.

They have a point here. I demand closure on the case of Kit and Carlos. I know, I know. People complained about them when they showed up. Then they went away. Then the writers decided to show us how good we had it with just Kit and Carlos by introducing millions of Junior Misses. But I demand closure! Kit and Carlos had better show up as interns at Wolfram and Hart next season. Haunted by Jonathan's ghost.
Good dissection of this season's flaws. Still don't agree that the gaping lazy writing ruins all the good work done this year, though, as much as they let the ball drop with some aspects of the main arc.
Very amusing...insightful at times...and, despite itself, indicative of a great and tremendous love for the show...
Funny because it's true. Sigh.
I love that site. Such bitter Barney's over there. Hehe. Funny comeentary and, unfortunately a lot of their questions make a lot of sense. This season has been all over the place. I particularly enjoyed this quote:

"Why the hell didn’t those dumbasses do the empowering spell before they went down into the Hellmouth?
Maybe Buffy thought that if the spell didn’t work, seeing an assload of deadly creatures in bad clothes would kick the adrenalin into high."

That's what I was thinking when I watched it. Not dramatic enough, I guess.

I had a question. Didn't Anya date the guy who showed them to Beljoxus' eye, not the eye itself? They go on and on about that point, but I don't remember
Yeah, Anya dated the demon who opened the portal, not the Botox Eye itself. Maybe they forgot, but for my money it was just funnier to go with the conceit that she'd dated the giant eyeball.

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