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April 29 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch has a new blog. Because apparently "myspace is yesterday's news". There's also cover art for Spike: After The Fall #3.

Because apparently "myspace is yesterday's news."

Unfortunately, since not enough people believe this, it isn't.
I think enough people believe that. No one I know regularly uses Myspace anymore. For Blogs, it's Blogger, and for "social networking" (hate that phrase) it's Facebook. Which, admittedly, is really cool.
The only place to be is LiveJournal. I added the blurb about the cover art just so people knew why there was a spoiler tag in play.
Thanks Simon :) you always know best!
I don't have an account at Myspace or Blogger or Facebook... but I do have one on Livejournal! However, that was only done under plenty of peer pressure to archive my fics.
I like the idea. It's a new playground to hang out in.

Myspace- too much upkeep
Facebook- not enough graphics
LiveJournal- who cares
Blogger- mediocre

Whedonesque- the only place to be
I have an LJ (not that I actually update it; I just like having a membership so I can post on different communities). Myspace has never really clicked with me. I just go on to read other people's blogs. And since I'm utterly allergic to all things photographic, Facebook is a no go as well.

The only problem with Brian moving is that I'll have to remind myself to go on his site. With Myspace, they just sent me an e-mail.
Don't worry deepgirl, I'm confident that any time Brian up-dates his blog with anything having to do with either Angel: After the Fall, or Spike: After the Fall, someone here will post a link so we won't miss it! Personally I have signed up with:
livejournal - to blog about miscellaneous things that interest me.
myspace - to read blogs written by people who interest me.
facebook - because of peer pressure, but I haven't found anything interesting there.
Apples and pears.

MySpace and Facebook are social networks. MySpace offers tools that facilitate blogging, but it was never its key feature. Music plays a big role on MySpace.

Facebook is jokey, pranky. Mostly used for status and mood updates and tons of quizzes. Facebook's demo is higher educated than MySpace.

LiveJournal does what it says best: journalling. It kind of evolved alongside blogging. Oddly, LiveJournal is probably more social than the later networks that were set up to be social.

Blogger/blogspot was where blogging exploded. Blogger was (one of) the first blogging tools, blogspot one of the first blog hosts. It still does't offer much more than that, and it isn't a social network pur sang.

Big blogs mostly run on dedicated blogging software like Movable Type or Wordpress or something they built for themselves, installed on rented server space. Like Whedonesque. Whedonesque has a community, but wasn't built to be a social network.

Here endeth the lesson.

... oh and one could always use Brian's rss feed to keep up with his posts.
Social networking: Facebook > Myspace > Xanga > LiveJournal

Blogging: Blogger > Myspace > Xanga > LiveJournal
I actually just finished upgrading two sites that I am in charge of to WordPress 2.5.1 - good stuff! Reminds me of something else I need to do... >;)
Caroline, thanks for the lesson but I fear I'm too old a doghouse for new tricks. Whedonesque is perfect.
So does anymone think the woman with the whip on the cover is Spider?
...I hope Brian answers that last batch of questions he allowed on his MySpace, though it was quite some time ago.
Buffyfantic: I agree. I very much think that it's Spider. Her convo with Spike in Angel #4 implies as much.
LiveJournal- who cares

Sauce. It's been the source of 95% of the wank in the fandom for the last five years. It might be an age thing though. The younger fans (12-18) seems to go for MySpace, the old ones go for LJ. But mild snark aside, it's the best social community site I've been on. MySpace seems to be all about "thanks for the add", Facebook has been reduced to what apps your friends have installed and I didn't even realise Xanga was still on the go.
Love the new cover and I'll have to bookmark Brian's blog.

And just to add my twopenneth worth - I created a myspace account just to read Nathan's blogs when they were friends only. I have facebook to keep in touch with some old friends but HATE the place.

My LJ however I love , which I initially used for fandom interests but it is now the main hangout for my online friends. And I agree with Simon - think it's an age thing.
Gawd, text is so yesterday's news, all the cool kids have been communicating in some kind of formal notation like 'Z' for at least the last 15 seconds.

Not on any of them, probably never will be. This is partly because i'm a curmudgeon and partly because "friending" someone i've spoken to maybe twice at work is weird to me (and telling them to piss off because they're someone i've only spoken to twice at work makes me feel guilty ;).
It's bizarre, I have the same cantankerous 'tude about social networking sites, too. I don't feel the need to fortify my esteem by having a gazillion 'friends' online who I've never met, and will never meet.

In fact, I can't stand most people that I DO meet and there's no way I'm letting them, or any 12 year old who types 'Plz ad me, ur so kewl! LOL' into my home or life in any way, shape or form. (And don't even get me started on The Sims or 2nd Life!)

But I'm sure Brian's blog is very informative and funny too. I wish him the best and hope he continues to post tidbits here on 'Whedonesque'.
I don't care about LJ or blogging I just wanna say that I really like this ATF cover and I bet it is a Spider shadow. I am so enjoying ATF and look forward to every issue, esp the up coming Spike series.
Man, Spike just goes from trouble to trouble^2.
Ooooh, kinky time! Lurve that cover art!! Poor Spikey's always at his best when a bit of bondage is involved, bless him. :0

And yes, I'd say it's Spider too.

As for online blogs type malarkeys, I just stick to LJ land. Lots of interesting and creative fan activity there. I couldn't stand Myspace (rent an ad) or the dire Facebook.

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Love the cover. Although it looks like it was drawn by the same artist who drew the cover of Spike, Connor and Lorne for issue six of ATF, which IMO was craptacular. But this one is otherwise very cool.

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