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April 29 2008

Interview with Terry "Mrs. Ron" Moore mentions Joss in glowing terms. Apparently she worked on Buffy for half a season as a costume designer.

[ETA there's no such thing as a custumer designer. Apparently.]

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I admire her frankness. I really do. It is so refreshing.
That was great. I wonder what offers Ron is getting that would make me cry.

And a Carnivale mention, sniff. Now I'm crying. My desire for more Carnivale is right up there with Angel and Firefly. Sigh.
What a love she is and I agree - she's forthright, and it's delightful.

She was instrumental in getting BSG fans over & involved at Fans4Writers during the strike, and gave up more of her time than I think she actually could, and in the face of so many other pressures.

I'm so glad that Joss and Ron have bonded in this way, and I'm delighted to hear that neither is a micro-managing employer - though not surprised... I know they get good work from their people, but trusting your folks is usually the best way to do that...

I don't want to think about what Ron's turning down that could make you cry... I've already got the cry bug from the upcoming BSG ending...

I'm going to my happy place, where Joss is shooting Dollhouse in my backyard, and Terry and Ron have dropped by on their way to Ron's Virtuality shoot...

ET: fix my crappy link tag...

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So Joss was responsible for that blue shirt? I don't blame her for wanting to clear that up. :)
As an addict to the Galactica podcast, I almost feel like I know the woman. I always enjoy hearing what she has to say. And her work on Carnivale was perfect just like everything else about it. Le sigh.
I don't wanna think about Galactica ending. Nope nu uh just not gonna happen. It will last forever, because it has too.
So Joss was responsible for that blue shirt? I don't blame her for wanting to clear that up. :)

Oh, yeah, that as awful. It was like Spike's new soul made him want to be a Backstreet Boy.
She was wonderful on fans4writers, I doubt many of the BSG people would've stuck around if she hadn't been there day in, day out.

Like I always say, and continually am challenged by, is that it doesn't matter if it a show about gangsters, vampires, doctors, or Cylons, as long as it challenges us, asks more of us than just passive viewing. Both Ron and Joss use their "genre" pieces as catalysts to explore ideas. Their shows are never just about vampires or Cylons. I think that is what has inspired such a response from their viewers.

Exactly how I feel. I hope she and Ron decide to go ahead with the blog forum, although for her own sanity she might need to cut down on her participation. Scalzi's Whateveresque has shown that the blog's owner/moderator doesn't need to be on 24 hours a day for a forum to be a success.
Oh, for a Whedonesque-esque home for my Ron Moore love! Pliny, you could put in a good word for Terry Moore looking into this style of site. Yeah, you could ;)
Thanks, speechlady, that was a great interview. Her introduction and reaction to BtS is classic, and the Joss & Ron mutual admiration society makes me all warm and fuzzy. Dollhouse to look forward to and something new from Ron as well. The fact that he has all kinds of offers is really encouraging for the future of quality genre TV.

My desire for more Carnivale is right up there with Angel and Firefly. Sigh.
Succatash | April 30, 01:15 CET

I am so right there with you, Succatash. What was HBO thinking, that had to be the worst decision they've ever made.
Good interview.

I always figured the blue shirt had to do with Spike's line about the costume not working, and that they wanted something that was wrong for Spike, therefore that too-small shirt that he couldn't use to hide...

BTW, my friend who is slowly creeping to the end of BtVS and Ats (She does not want it to end.) loves that shirt. I just laughed.
HBO was thinking with their wallets, naturally. Carnivale was fairly expensive, what with the set pieces and period costumes and all the location shooting, apparently. I don't know what kind of system HBO uses to keep track of viewers ('cause aren't they beyond the Nielsen box system? I might be wrong), but I do remember that they weren't pulling in enough viewers to be satisfied. It didn't justify keeping the show on the air. Heck, they were doing online viewer polls after Season 1 finished and that reportedly helped in their decision to greenlight the second and final season.

Not like they could do product placement either, as they did with Tropicana Orange Juice on The Sopranos and in a number of their other shows (man, the ad revenue generated by all the plugging on Entourage seems like it could keep the whole network afloat for years). What can you convincingly incorporate into a 1930s period piece fantasy drama ?

I loved Carnivale's first season and had some issues with the second, despite it having a number of strong episodes and an exciting but frustrating finale. One of the problems with the series (and I think it was glaringly obvious on screen as well, given the differences between the pace of Season 1 and 2) is that there were initially two competing visions for how the series should play out. In Season 1 they had Ronald Moore as showrunner #2 on the show after creator Daniel Knauf. They wanted someone with more experience to help Knauf run the show. Moore saw a 3-season deal for the show, with the slow build of Season 1 acting as a prologue/getting-to-know-characters season and Season 2 being where the two storylines (Ben Hawkins and Brother Justin) would start to weave together. Season 3 was apparently going to be the big blowout. Knauf wanted to stretch the thing into six seasons. Moore left to go to BSG after Season 1, but I imagine that was going to happen anyway. Not sure though.

I favored the 3-season vision, but then I usually want my shows shorter, especially when they're as on-the-bubble as Carnivale was. And as glacially paced too, though that was something I usually appreciated about it. And I like the number 3.

No clue what the status currently is on the possibility of novels or comics maybe finishing the story off. Knauf talked about it after the show ended, but the more time passes, the less likely it becomes. I did want to know the rest of the story, but I wasn't as broken up about not finding out as I have been with other well-written shows. More than the story and mythology, I missed the feel of the series, some of the actors, and the visuals.
What can you convincingly incorporate into a 1930s period piece fantasy drama ?

"Buy Fascism ! It's the future !".

3 seasons would've been perfect for 'Carnivale' (i'm also not a "just keep going cos I want more" type of viewer, totally with Ron Moore there) since season 3 could maybe have picked up a few years hence - with Ben still in bad shape - and progressed at a fair pace towards Trinity (and what seemed to be a 'Fray' style end to magic in the world - like entering the atomic age killed some of the wonder in us and ended our innocence). I really wanted to get there though, was most definitely bothered by not doing so.

(course, if they wanted to drag it out and they had the money, seeing Ben involved in WWII might've been interesting, even though we'd technically have lost the actual carnivale from 'Carnivale' ;)

ETA: And nice interview. Not usually a big re-viewer so I haven't listened to many of the BSG podcasts but if she appears on there and always speaks her mind like that i'm tempted to.

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I am definitely a "just keep going cos I want more" type .... within reason. The X-Files for example, would have been a much better show with at least two less seasons and a gazillion less "stand alone" eps.

But I could see Carnivale wrapping up perfectly, with one more season. I think it depends on the story. I wasn't aware that Ron Moore left the show after season 1.
Ah well *sigh*, we'll never know.

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