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April 30 2008

Summer Glau is Young Hollywood. Just Jared has some pictures of Summer attending the Young Hollywood Awards. There is also a quote of her about "The Sarah Connor Chronicles".

If that guy next to her is her boyfriend, then he's as pretty as she is.

great dress! good choice Summer.
The person with her is Thomas Dekker, the actor who plays John Connor.
Not in the first two photos. Presumably that's her SO since he looks too young (and photogenic ;) to be a writer (like Josh Friedman for instance).

She looks lovely, as per usual.
Yet again I wasn't paying proper attention! The person in the first two pictures is the actor Daniel Wisler, who I believe is her partner.
Daniel Wisler has been her boyfriend for several years. He is no "new boy toy".
Where's Dekker's hair?
I'm just glad those ridiculous emo bangs are gone. His hair is a definite improvement. He was in a play where he played a cancer patient and all the hair (including eyebrows) had to go.
Oh, thanks for the update, TamaraC. I miss his hair. I like Dekker as a person too, but when I think good hair, I think of his.
TamaraC, I just watched Heroes for the first time recently, and spent the entire Dekker was on screen going "Oh my god! This hair is so much better short!".
You know you are getting old when the first thing you think of when seeing a teen or twentysomething young man is, "he really needs a haircut."
I'm not old, I'm 28!

Shit. I'm getting old.
I was talking about me you young whippersnapper.
I don't think age plays into it. I'm 24, and I like the hair... unlike gossi, who's 28. There can't be that much of a gap in generations (4 years?).
Actually, I just realised I'm 26. I'm apparently senile.
Thank god, thought it was me going senile (didn't seem that long ago you were a mere slip of a lad at 24).
Is it me, or does Buzzcut Tommy D look an awful lot like a younger version of Brian Austin Green's Derek Reese? Cuz it does help with the illusion they're uncle and nephew if he stuck with that anti-do...;D

And I hope to Dog that 26 ain't senility land cuz I'm mere weeks from 25 and I don't need to be going down that path yet :D

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