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May 01 2008

(SPOILER) Serenity: Better Days #3 preview. Finally.

The first three pages of the final issue are available. Better Days #3 will be released in May 14, 2008.

I still don't have #2. It came out when I was back east for a family emergency, and the only shop I've been able to hit since I got back was out of it.
theonetruebix - Too bad... It was a great read. Better Days is my favorite Serenity miniseries so far. The story feels very much like an unaired Firefly episode and works far better than the first mini, Those Left Behind, imo. :-)
"He was on his way here, last I saw him. Too full of purpose for it to have taken this long. No need to look guilty."

That is possibly the best Zoe line ever.
Thanks for the 3-page head's up. I almost out on the other two! It's a great Zoe line, but since I too haven't receive #2, I'm quite lost. Oh, well. Don't explain. It should be here soon. :)
kernel32cz - I absolutely agree, 'Those Left Behind' was good, but this one has me smiling and laughing as if I was watching an episode. Good on Joss and the group for keeping the signal going...

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