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May 01 2008

A report from James Marsters' gig at Borderline. Another awesome fan report.

James is just fantastic.
Probably the best at taking the time out for interviews, appreciating the fans and just having a great time with it.
I was down at Paley, and amid all the chaos after the event when people were going for signatures, there was James signing and smiling and chatting. I think the last one to leave as well. When he heard that I came from Toronto (to travel to LA for the event), he went so far as to ask my name and then shook my hand.

James deserves success, and success deserves James. Keep on doing it 'your way' James!!!

[ edited by Rogue Demon Hunter on 2008-05-02 04:07 ]
I assume it's ok for this to be posted here. LJ users sometimes don't like their stuff being linked here.
It does say feel free to link, so I'm guessing it is ok.
Nice reporting. Rogue Demon Hunter, you coming to the CSTS screening here in Toronto???
Looking forward to it on June 21. And will have to put in the t-shirt order before that!
@ Rogue Demon Hunter.

What you said. :)
Kat's my best friend and she's totally into the sharing of James love. Feel free to pass the link around.

And he was also awesome tonight at the Union Chapel gig :)

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