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May 02 2008

Can Joss Whedon tear you away from Lord of the Rings? A cool little comic that references Joss, Nathan and Dollhouse. ...among other popular nerdery.

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Heh, that guy's crazy. ;) But then again, I don't like LOTR so it really would be no contest for me.
What's he doing under those cushions? Joss... Nathan... Dollhouse! Is he mad?
Well, just imagine if it were Whedon DVDs in HD and someone wanted to harass you with LOTR crap. (JK, LOTR is not crap, but for my point, it works.)
Well looks like I'll be in the minority but I'm with the guy under the cushions. Nothing against Joss of course. He's part of my Geek Holy Trinity, after all. But LOTR holds (and always will hold) the top spot on that list, and I shall have no other gods before it. Not even Gaiman OR Joss.
For me, Joss is boss. "Lord of the Rings" is great, it's influential, and it's one of the most epic pieces of writing there is. However, it's not as good as Joss's work. It's more consistent with its mythology than Joss is, but LotR is one-hundred percent plot driven, while Joss is the polar opposite, in that he's nearly always character driven. But yeah, Joss can't be beaten.
But LOTR holds (and always will hold) the top spot on that list, and I shall have no other gods before it.

Joss knows to say goodbye once. LOTR knows to say goodbye several thousand times.
So we've only said goodbye to Buffy once? I coulda sworn... hmm, my mistake. ;)
Hee, I can sympathize with the guy in the comics! Especially now as they've announced that GDT is indeed filming Hobbit, and Tolkien fandom beckons yet again. I'm not renouncing my allegeance to Jossverse, Joss is a god of character development and of TV, but nothing, yes nothing, can ever come close to Tolkien for me.

Preferring PJ's LotR movies to Joss? Nah, never. But Tolkien books over Joss TV? Oh yes, sorry. :)
'Lord of the Rings' ? That'll never take off.

Must get around to reading them at some point (I get where the guy's coming from though - Joss or not, I don't like it when folk talk during the film ;).
Tolkien, le Guin, Beagle, Whedon. These are just different flavors of awesome.

Only Whedon is native to DVD though. I can't get behind elves at Helm's Deep.
I'm sorry but if Katee Sackhoff (sp?) was in my back yard - i'd sure as hell be turning off the ain't that good.
Watching the entire seasons 6 and 7 of Buffy is about equal to watching the ending of Return of the Kings when you really have to pee. Holding it in cause you don't want to miss the end and knowing you'll be relieved soon and constantly sitting up from your theater chair and watching the screen going...but wait. By the end of the film I looked exactly like that guy under the cushions.
I really don't like Lord of the Rings... but I loved reading The Silmarillion... I read it in like 2-3 days...
Tolkien still shines, but not so much the movies/DVDs.... When Peter Jackson decided to skip the Battle of Baywater and instead spend the last 20 minutes in the long good-byes he lost my loyalty (and I gave my DVDs to my brother). I'm confident that Joss will always be the best, and I can't live without my DVDs of his shows!
Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like LOTR. I always get weird looks from people when I say I don't get the whole 'hobbit thing.'
*Weird look.* What do you mean by the "hobbit thing"?! ;)

Actually, I was just rewatching the LoTR movies, but my eyes definitely strayed to my Buffy DVDs. More than once. A lot of my prior sci-fi-ish passions have been unseated by the Whedonverse.
I'm currently wearing my Joss Whedon is My Master Now t-shirt, which probably reveals where my loyalties lie. If you couldn't tell from the that, the fact I'm currently watching Buffy Season Two and reading Buffy Season Eight at the same time might give you another tip off.

Never cared all that much for the LOTR. I've seen all the films, and they were all fine enough. But I never got all the way through the books, and I watched the extended edition of the first film with some friends and was crawling up the walls by the time it was done.
Pshaw! The heck with Joss and all that jazz. It was a topless comic shop! Man, what is wrong with you people?
I don't get the appeal of a shop with no top on it.

... Ohhh.
"Joss Whedon is at the front door. He wants to film a scene for Dollhouse in your back yard."

Mine, mine, mine! My backyard! I don't have a backyard! I don't care! Mine!

Just so you all know.

(Okay, this is so off-topic, but I don't care, I have to tell someone. I'm watching episodes of Highlander: The Funny, Funny TV Show while I'm working - just for giggles, you know? And in one episode, this character says, I *expletive* kid you not, "You? You understand how I feel? You, with all your money and your expensive clothes?"

I thought I'd expire laughing, I really did. It was like coming upon "It was a dark and stormy night" for the first time...)
QutoerGal, that's awesome! Is that line said with upmost seriousness?
Yup, serious and pissed-off as hell. She came from the streets and she got angry on the streets. Right after she got her hair done and her nails did.

I know it's warped and cynical to get so much enjoyment out of such profound awfulness, but hey - that's why I loved Mystery Science Theatre so much.

Except the episode "Manos: Hands of Fate which seriously made me want to gouge my own eyes out with a rusty spork.
I'm DEEPLY saddened by the lack of LOTR love.
My feelings about the LoTR films are neatly summarized in this clip from Clerks 2. :P

Still, very funny comic. I especially laughed at the Sackhoff Hobo Stabbing bit.
There is no lack of love for LOTR, the books and the films, but there is such a thing as a pause button, to be used for extreme emergencies like when Joss is filming in your backyard.
Um, guys? I hate to be that guy "explaining" a joke, but the point is that it's LOTR in HD. He's not expressing a preference for Tolkien/Jackson over Whedon/etc., he just can't turn himself away from just about the best thing available in HD, the best (home) medium available. I too wore my Joss/Master shirt today, but I know what it's like to be sucked in to those LOTR TNT HD airings.

Also, when you make a 10 hour movie, you can't very well wrap it up in 5 minutes. =)
The LoTR DVD's (which I worship with equalness to my Josslove) will always be there. But Joss in my backyard? That would be a "die happy now" moment.
Yeah, well I could perhaps bring myself to pronounce a pox upon both of you if Robert E. Howard were still alive and...and...and nothing, because if he were still alive he'd be 102 and probably not up to much with his typewriter any longer. Errr, carry on, then, troops.
jam2, thank you. It bugging me more than a little that most here seem to not be getting the actual joke. Instead we get a tired "who is better thread".
Late again (because my computer died a death and I'm borrowing); nevertheless (1) j2/TC seem to be right about the "actual joke," but (2) in honor of my own first love, I will say that seeing the first 20 minutes of The Fellowship of the Ring up on the big screen, with the Shire so lovingly portrayed, with Sir Ian so right as Gandalf, with the mood and look just so (not saying the trilogy maintained that standard throughout, 'cos I don't think it did, but still . . . ) - well, that was a good as anything I've seen or watched ever.

P.S. The books are pretty good too. :-)

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