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May 02 2008

Anthony Head's heaven and hell. Tony, currently starring in BBC's The Invisibles - which premiered last night - talks to the Telegraph about his best and worst holiday experiences.

Was the show any good?
iPod & laptop????

Huh. And he told me he doesn't really "do the email thing."

I know his cellphone is his best friend when he's away from home, though - he called Sarah a few times that weekend.

Yes, San Francisco is lovely. I so want to get back there some day and do more of the "tourist" thing - I only managed a guided tour of Alcatraz, a hike under the Golden Gate Bridge, several trips to Pier 42 and a couple of dinners in Don Johnson & Cheech Marin's restaurant Ana Mandara when I lived in Mill Valley.
I saw the show last night and thought it wasn't very good. Had to agree with the panning it got in The Times. The only thing I liked about it was ASH's Clooney-esque/Roman haircut.

@ShadowQuest Lots of artists, actors, musicians, etc talk bollocks in interviews and fan chats. They're always busy creating personas, just to shield who they really are.
Yeah, not great unfortunately. The cast was fine, ASH doing a nice turn as a more intense, slightly edgier character but the writing was a bit lacking and the comedy fell pretty flat IMO.

Shakespeare was in it though (or the guy that played him on 'Doctor Who' at least ;). And we discovered the fun fact that ASH is kak-handed.
Caroline Well, I suspected he didn't want the "truth" getting out, since I'd asked whether I could email him, or if I should email Sarah when I got the fic I was working on finished. (BTW - I'd emailed her a bit before the convention about their horse Otto, and she's very sweet. She was as impressed with the model I painted to look like Otto as Tony was when I gave it to him.)

Saje Umm...I'm not sure I want "kak-handed" translated, thanks.

I knew he was left handed. And I know about the...ummm...difference with his right hand. Or is there some other meaning to your term?
Thanks for the report, Caroline.

What's the latest on "Ripper"? Is it on the back burner again?
"Kak-handed" is just slang for left handed. What "difference with his right hand" ?
Saje Ta. I googled after my post & found the slang.

Umm...well. to put this nicely? He has...well, a couple finger deformities. It's really noticeable when he's playing guitar, since that's the hand he strums with, but you can see it sometimes on episodes - that's why he tends to have his hand in his pants pocket, or behind him, or tucked up in his shirt/jacket sleeve, or holding a towel or something else in that hand.

Madhatter Tony's said in a couple recent interviews that he would love to do it, but he realizes Joss is tied up with Dollhouse (Ooh, that could go bad places.) and his other projects, and Tony's fairly busy as well.

Ahh, got you, ShadowQuest. Dancing on pins and needles for Joss' "Dollhouse". Gosh, how we have missed him!
Ah right ShadowQuest, not noticed that before. Wonder if that led to him being left handed or if he came about that the natural way ?

(I say "natural" but obviously all left-handers are the devil's work - 'tain't "sinister" by accident y'know ;-)
Saje I actually wondered the same thing.

Funny thing - a former friend pointed it out to me prior to MCB in '05, and now I can't not notice it. It's like the old Milwaukee Brewers' logo - once my mother told me the "glove" was actually an M (the fingers) and a b (The palm and thumb) I could never not see it that way again.

Ya know what they say, don't you? "The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. So...left-handed people are the only ones in their right mind." :-P
I actually enjoyed the show. Subtle and not so subtle humor, nice acting and cast, what's not to like? This show has potential, and come on, the show needs to grow. Ever compared Buffy S1 and S3? See the difference in all aspects of tv making? Give it some time :)

Besides, it's great to see ASH beeing mad, he still can deliver Ripper *g*

Oh and I'm wondering how a play with ASH and Helen Mirren would go, love to see those two together (ASH his character's wife reminds me of her)

And I like the 70's style (background) music, reminds me of those old detective flicks...

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Jenny Agutter reminds you of Helen Mirren? (Adnittedly I haven't seen either of them *in* anything since the 80s so things can change.)

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