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May 03 2008

Happy Birthday Christina Hendricks. She turns 30 today. Admit it - it was good for you, too!

[ edited extensively by zeitgeist on 2008-05-03 20:28 ]

Happy birthday, Christina!

(And now I'm wondering how this post looked like prior to editing.)
It looked fine. Just didn't have a link.
If I recall correctly, it was missing both a link and a link title, neither of which is something that should be missing. If you don't have a link, don't post it would be a good guideline.
Yes, I shall refrain in the future.
Happy Birthday, Christina!
Since we're on the subject - could somebody please explain to me why every post I've ever tried to share here has been immediately deleted?

My recent link to Joss himself in a video of Veronica Mars bloopers lasted all of five seconds and I'm mystified as to why.
It's because that's a really old video now.
Chances are its something that has appeared before or there are copyright issues surrounding it. If you have a question on a specific deletion, write to us using the contact link at the bottom of every page.

Ed R - just have a link next time, no big :)
Bloody--thats one of the best things about this site; Its policed extremely closely for double posts, gossip and really stupid posts.

So when someone comes to the site, they are ensured of quality (and current) Joss/verse related stories. Its a little more strict than many websites and as I've said plenty of times before, thats one of the reasons WHEDONesque stands out as great in a world of so many mediocre fan sites.
I would add that news of the gag reel was posted already (August 2006) and that we strive to avoid posting vids of copyrighted material without the express or at least implied permission of the copyright holders.
Back to the original topic, Christina Hendricks is featured in People's 100 Most Beautiful issue that just hit the stands. There is a gorgeous photo of her in the section about redheads.
She's just breath-taking in person. And so, so sweet. I'll never forget her reaction when one of my friends gave her a pink and green scarf she had knit. Christina held it to her chest and exclaimed, "pink and green are my favorite colors! I'm not kidding! My whole house is in pink and green!" She was squeeing over the scarf, and it was so adorable.
Christina's a class act -- I didn't think anything could be better than Our Mrs. Reynolds, but she's very cool in Mad Men too. Happy Birthday and we'll watch you in anything.
Fair enough. Thanks for the tips.

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