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May 05 2008

2008 - CSTS Charity Event Affiliate cities. So far Albuquerque, NM and Auckland, NZ.

More info on holding an Event, but not a Serenity Charity screening.

Current count As of 5/4/2008:
43 Serenity Charity Screenings.
38 Cities with Serenity Charity screenings.
2 Affiliate Cities Events.
4 countries.
19 US states.
All 6 Aussie states. Go Aussies!
2 Canadian provinces.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2008-05-06 01:48 ]

YUS! Auckland is AWESOME!. Herrrrmmmmm........
I just dont think it gets said enough.
Aww. I miss NZ. Go Auckland! (even if you are horrible most of the time :p )

Ahem. Canadian isn't it?
Grrrh! Arggh!
Eek, I'm not sure how to spell Grrrh! Arggh!
Found it. "grrr argh 404 not found" error message pic...I think from here.
Uh? why are we Grrr! Argh!-ing?
Elsewhere on the internet, Ivalaine had to explain to me that there are Aussie states, then only 6 of them, and they have territories too. Got that finally right for this post...but I used the word Canada instead of Canadian in front of the word provinces.

Hence Grrr! Argh! Guess you had to be there to get the joke.
Oh. I see. Your Grrr! Argh! was definitly justified then.
And yes Australia is silly, I think we can all agree on that hehe :p

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