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May 05 2008

Happy Birthday, Vincent. Angel's Vincent Kartheiser turns 29 today.

We wish him all the luck in the world :-)

Happy Birthday, Vincent!
He still looks so young. This guy ages about as slowly as Johnny Depp.
Merlinmaus - This was self-linking and the link has been changed.
The part of Connor was a near-impossible acting challenge (how do you convey the perspective of someone who grew up in a hell dimension and never saw the earth until his teens?) but Vincent always manages to get across the character's unique emotional perspective. Happy Birthday!
He is so young-looking! I can't believe he's 29! He'll always be 17 year old Connor to me!
Happy Birthday Vinnie. I hope it's a good one. Hope to see you party at another UK con.
I too refuse to believe he's that old.

Happy birthday!
One more year and he's closer to 40 than to 20!

My wife and I both think he was splendid as Connor.
Wow, he looks young. That seems to be on everyone's mind. Happy birthday, Vincent!
I had no idea he was that old! I thought he was early 20's at best! Wish i could age that well.

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