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May 05 2008

Another season of How I Met Your Mother? A Hollywood Reporter journalist says "a pickup is considered a given".

Every year this show has a doubt cast over it over another season, and I've no idea why; it always does solid numbers. They've just hired Britney again, so I think it's safe to say it's coming back.
I think it has to do with being a Fox show on CBS, but that is just speculation. We will know all the pick-ups for (99%) sure next week.
I'm also baffled. Who could say no to NPH? I would say AH, but her presence in the show isn't as strong as Barney (not her fault, just written that way).
korkster, if viewers were down another million on HIMYM, you would find everyone saying no to more NPH. HIMYM fans owe a big thank you to Britney Spears, like it or not.
Yay for mother
Oh, TamaraC, I have no riff with Britney Spears (I was referring to more Alyson Hannigan vs. NPH as Barney). I hear Britney did a good job on the show (despite what rumors were stirred).

They should really grow their other characters from the "back-up singer position" they're in. You see into their lives, but not in so much depth as the main character. (Not able to feel their emotions... but maybe that's because I'm a drama girl with comedy added, not the other way around).
Oh, that's good news. I just finished the first season yesterday and am in love.

What was more interesting was the news about Reaper. I had been counting on that not being renewed, even though it's improved in the last couple months.
korkster, I didn't even consider that you had any issue with Ms. Spears nor did I hear any rumors other than she surprised everyone by doing a great job and will be back in another episode this month. My comment to you was only in reference to how the execs could have definitely said "no" to more of this show if the ratings had been only slightly worse.
There was, however, a whole kerfuffle after Spears' appearance on HIMYM - NPH said something in an interview about hoping that the show didn't go the way of Will & Grace with bunches of guest stars, and it got distorted and blown up into a "Ooooh, he dissed Britney" internet hubub.

I hear. It's the kindof thing you run right across, say, if one night you are obsessively determined to find any mention, anywhere of a possible release date on Dr. Horrible and you google any related term and track down every possible source of info.

For instance.

Anyhoo, like many interweb furors, it seemed like a big hollow brouhaha signifying not much.

ETF: typos.

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Oh, I saw that, QG (probably for the exact same reasons as you). I just didn't put much stock in it since he immediately retracted and explained what he meant by the offhand comment.
The source of ruckus I heard came from a local radio station in my city. When they mentioned HIMYM, of course I perked my ears, but, facts aside, they ran with possible disses of Ms. Spears presence on set. They cited it came from the cast (didn't believe it). That's also where the "surprise rumors" came from.

I know it's the media and they're just blowing smoke. It was just weird to hear a part of your collective fandom receiving air time (not so weird to hear it in a negative lit). I guess any publicity is good publicity, but I don't have to agree with it.
One of the best shows currently on TV. And not just because Alyson's in it :-) Or because Jason Segel showed his penis in Forgetting Sarah Marshall... What?
It's going to be legen...

Really, did NONE of you think to do this yet!??!

...dary!!! :-D

(Just call me Captain Obvious ;-)
I didn't want to make b!X's head explode again... he's only got a certain number per day without it causing permanent damage.
All I know is--HIMYM made me laugh out loud more than once last night, and not only at scenes involving Barney. So yay! Yes, I'm inarticulate, but the HIMYM writers, fortunately, are not!
Okay love to Aly but am I the only one who doesn't like HIMYM. I only watched the Britney episode and it wasn't that funny, could this be an American thing?
I'm Australian and love the show to bits. Latest episode is marvellous. I'm going to be quoting the 'delicious meat' line for a long time.

The Britney episode wasn't that great. Watch some other ones.
mark: you're not the only one. I try to stay silent about it because I'm clearly among the minority here, and too many people whose opinion I respect love the show. But in my case, not only does it rarely if ever make me laugh, it makes me cringe. I find the sentiment cloyingly mawkish and the humour juvenile. But humour is a strange thing, some things simply make some people laugh and others not, even when their tastes are otherwise quite similar. And like I said, a lot of people here like it a lot and I am willing to give their opinions a lot of credence.
I made a half-hearted attempt to watch HIMYM and I didn't like it, so I have largely ignored it ever since. Having said that, I find some sitcoms very funny that others would be horrified by (as an example for British television viewers - 'My Family'). Liking or not liking different sitcoms often defies logic or rational thinking, I suspect.
Yeah pretty much what dzr said. Nothing is more subjective than humour I reckon. Well, humour and 'Torchwood' appreciation. In fairness i've only seen 4 or 5 episodes of HIMYM though, maybe they were unusually poor ones (my main problem - aside from not finding it that funny - was I really didn't like Ted). Happy for the folk that like it though (and Aly Hannigan for staying in work).

(the best US comedies earn their schmaltz IMO. 'Cheers' or 'MASH' both had sentiment but were razor sharp most of the rest of the time. Every pitiless poke at Frank Burns is a penny in the mawkish jar I reckon ;)

Oh and "Suit Up !".
Don't like it either, but as Saje said, glad Aly's got steady work. The Dunder-Mifflin gang is more my cuppa. I look forward to Thursdays almost as much as I used to look forward to Tuesdays. ;)
To those who are not fans of HIMYM: Haaaaaaaaave ya seen "The Slap Bet" episode? If that one doesn't make you laugh, then there's really no hope.

"Swarley" aka "Crazy Eyes" was also a good one, and had both Tom Lenk and Morena Baccarin as guest stars.
Watch it if only for Alexis Denisof's hair.
Oh, Saje, you beat me to it, but I think it deserves one more: Suit up!!
I started watching this show for Alyson, and have kept going because of the entire cast (but mostly NPH). Plus, Ted is so cute!
... and Sandy Rivers' hair... I guess. :)

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