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May 06 2008

Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men Delayed Until 5/28. GS AXM has been pushed back to 5/28 and Runaways #30 has been delayed until 6/11. Previously, both were due out on 5/21.

Another week of suffering for the poor Pryde fans....
Ugh. I previously excused the push back (I imagine it's for revenue purposes, 2nd quarter and all) but it's getting ridiculous. I'm starting to not care, which is not good for Marvel.
Well, for a late starter, it'll give me time to read the first 3 TPBs before my giant arrives in the mail.
What's rather bizarre is the number of books coming out on 5/28 - Giant Size Astonishing, Uncanny X-Men 498, X-Men (Legacy) #212, X-Force #4, X-Men First Class #12 and Wolverine First Class #3.

The usual release schedule has completely changed. Typically only X-Men comes out the last Wednesday of the month.

I suspect this isn't a coincidence, and Marvel wants to get Astonishing readers to pick up the other X-books and vice versa.

Also, in the US due to the Memorial Day holiday, stores won't be getting their comics until 5/29.

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Or maybe there's something happening in one X book that affects all of them ? What's Marvel's summer event this year and could Giant AXM tie into it ?
Or maybe Marvel is experiencing some sort of non-linear time? "Is it May?! Crap! We haven't printed our books yet."
Or maybe there's something happening in one X book that affects all of them ? What's Marvel's summer event this year and could Giant AXM tie into it ?

Actually, I'm pretty sure AXM is way behind the rest of the Marvel U. now. The big X-event was Messiah Complex, and I'm pretty sure it takes place after AXM. Messiah Complex ended a couple months ago.
Ahhh, that's a lot of b*******!

They're beyond late with the book. For crying out loud, give me the last frellin' issue so I can be done with it. This is making it hard to want to read anything by either of them. Next time, I'll wait 'til it's a trade.

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Blecch... How much can they accomplish in a week?
I've almost completely forgotten and have stopped caring what happens in "Runaways" now. At least AXM sticks in the mind better... but, still, no excuse.
Good lord. AXM will never come to an end.
It is frustrating, and it doesn't help that 'Runaways' is so terribly far behind (I hear that Terry Moore has finished writing almost his complete 'Runaways' arc waiting for the rest of Joss' to come out). But there is no reason to complain, it isn't like I won't buy them (heck, I prepaid for them through Marvel, but even if I hadn't I would still wait forever for them).
That is one sweet advantage, that Moore will apparently be finished his scripting chores. If Humberto Ramos can get it all drawn could be a nice uninterrupted run of Runaways. How long is Terry Moore signed on for ? A writer can accomplish a bit in six issues, but look at what Brian K. Vaughan did with 42. I hope future writers stay on for stints longer than six to eight issues. I think it gives them a fairer shot of showing us what they can accomplish on the title.

This isn't a criticism, just something I realized now and find kinda interesting...anyone else notice that, so far, Joss takes the licensed Marvel teams he's working on and moves them out of their element ? Astonishing took some of the X-Men out of step with the pace of the Marvel Universe (though it's only really a time delay, apparently, and Astonishing will work fine with continuity). He's moved the Runaways out of their time period for almost his entire arc.

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This just makes me appreciate the solid schedule of Buffy Season 8 even more.
Can anyone help me to clear up - have got first 3 TPBs of AXM. There hasn't been any more AXM TPBs since, right? Is this new one that is due out a 4th installment? Or as the 'giant-size' name suggests, is it some kind of collection of all of Joss's run? It sounds expensive either way :(

As for Runaways, the last paperback/digest book I got of that was Vaughan's 'Live Fast'. Haven't seen a new one since (though I have bought the occasional single Whedon-penned issue). Is it right that there have been no Joss Runaways paperbacks out?

Basically I would like to know if the normal AXM and Runaways TPBs are going to start up again , or if I'll have to buy some kind of big pricey hardback 'complete collection' format in order to get the end of the stories...
The Giant Size AXM is just a "giant size" single issue, kind of like an annual, that finishes off the last arc (and Joss/Cassaday's run). Afterwards they'll release the most recent (fourth) arc (very probably including the Giant Size issue) as a trade paperback.

Following on from the Giant Size issue Warren Ellis takes over the normal comic which will resume from issue no. 25 (though possibly a lot of people just reading AXM for Joss will stop buying it at that point).

Joss hasn't actually finished his arc on 'Runaways' yet so there hasn't been a collection released of that (trades only usually come out for complete stories).

(the hardbacks actually work out at pretty good value if you get them from Amazon BTW - the most recent Runaways one is going on for about $16 - which compares pretty favourably to the cost of the two paperback collections that it comprised. The hardbacks are very pretty too ;)
Thanks for the info Saje. Pleased to hear Warren Ellis is moving onto AXM, I didn't know that.
This just makes me appreciate the solid schedule of Buffy Season 8 even more.

And how!

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