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May 06 2008

Drive Available on Amazon Unbox. Every episode of Drive is now available on Amazon Unbox, including the two that never aired.

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Total geekgasam. I can't wait to get home!
Sweet! At last I can get all of the episodes in a format that I can burn to a DVD!
I'd be a lot happier about this if it worked on a Mac....
Casira, the eps are also available on iTunes. I just checked. All six are there.
Now if only they'd release The Inside.
I wish this would go to DVD, seeing as my internet runs at a speedy 32kps, meaning that I can't do... well, about anything on this here series of tubes. I doubt it'll come to DVD, but I'm crossing my fingers it does.
They put the second season of Tru Calling onto DVD, why not this?
Sweet. And it's on iTunes now, too.
Ah-hah! Teach me to speak too soon. :) I'll check it out on the iTunes front.
Call me a luddite, but what is Amazon Unbox?
OzLady, it is Amazon's non-Apple video iTunes.
Whoo-hoo! Off to post this info around!
Here is the direct link to Drive's Amazon Unbox
You can also download it to your Tivo. Man I love me some Unbox on Tivo... I watch most of my TV and movies that way these days.
"Tivo," "Unbox," "iTunes" head is spinning. I feel so Giles right now. (But, not, ya know...feeling Giles, 'cause...ok. Shutting up now.)

I'll just wait for DVD like the sad little unhip chick I am.
Now if only they'd release The Inside.

I'll second that. I loved that series.
Anybody wishing to spread the Drive news. There are banners available from to spread the news about Drive.

So pretty...

They can be put on websites, on myspace profiles, blogs, bulletins, comments etc.

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ShadowQuest, that will be an extremely long wait.

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