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May 07 2008

Chiwetel: Leading Man. Our favorite Operative discusses his career from his big break in Dirty Pretty Things to his star turn in the new martial arts movie Redbelt.

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I could listen to him read the yellow pages and never tire of him. But sadly no mention of his turn as the Operative.
I found it a little amusing that they would rather bring up his stint as a drag queen in Kinky Boots before talking about him as an ass-kicking goverment assassin. :P
I too missed an Operative mention. Although his stint as a drag queen was pretty kick-ass too :)
A David Mamet movie-film to boot. Danny Strong must be oozing jealous. :p
He's getting very good reviews for Redbelt. But then what else would one expect?
noandwhere, with the greatest love for "Serenity," Joss Whedon and the Operative in my heart, I can see where if someone is interviewing an actor about his career rather than "Serenity" itself, they'd talk about a starring role ("Kinky Boots") before a supporting one ("Serenity"). Also, Chiwetel Ejiofor essentially plays two different people in one body in "Kinky Boots" -- dare-anything Lola and shy-out-of-drag Simon (KnitWit, I agree with you, this is also a kickass performance). This *and* the Operative *and* "Redbelt" all together prove that he's one of the best, most versatile actors working today.

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