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May 08 2008

Morena Baccarin cast in new ABC pilot. She'll be the female lead in this untitled Dave Hemingson legal drama.

YAY! go morena! Its so good to see her back on the small screen!
Yeah for more work for our crew. Also woo for Nathan's series mention. How fitting (with his literacy project) that he's playing an author.

Oh and that's a very nice picture of Morena there. Classy and voomish.
Is that her current hair ? Cos humina-humina ;). Here's hoping that a) it's good and b) it gets picked up (cos obviously "c) she's good in it" is pretty much a given ;).

Also, seems Nathan is definitely a mystery novelist, not horror (though I guess the line between is blurry).
This is great news. I really hope the pilot will get picked up.
Wishing much luck to Morena.
A straight law drama doesn't sound like something I'd watch, but you never know. It's great that Morena's got a lead. Such loveliness.

And somehow I had missed (or forgotten) that Nathan's show is a comedic procedural. Can someone give me another example of that genre?
'Monk' and 'Psych' spring to mind. And at a (slight IMO) stretch, 'House'.
Oh yeah. I forgot about 'Monk.' (Wonder why?) Don't know 'Psych', but it seems like the humor of "Monk" and 'House' completely relies on the eccentricity of the main character (to good effect in the latter, not so much in the former). NF could certainly carry that off.
Yeah very much character based humour in 'Monk' and 'House' (not really eccentricity in House's case though, unless you call bitterly sarcastic misanthropy an eccentricity ;). 'Psych' had* kind of a "buddy movie" sort of humour to it, the main character is a cocky fast-talker and most of the humour came either from him setting up his (more sensible) mate/business partner in fairly juvenile almost frat-boyish situations or him taking the piss out of the straight-laced, supercilious police detective that basically represents The Dean/rich kids in e.g. 'Animal House'.

* I say 'had' because I stopped watching when it had a hiatus at about season 1 episode 12 and didn't miss it enough to go back so the dynamic may have changed.
Psych is definitely character based. Saje's description is not wrong, but it's got a lot of heart too. It's probably my favorite cable show. It's
Saje, That's an old picture that I recognize from somewhere else. And given that her hair was about half an inch long at the LA convention last November, she'd have to have used some kind of magical potion to get it to grow that fast.

Glad to see that she's getting new work, but as someone who works in the legal profession, legal shows always make me cringe. Someone dies on Monday, a suspect is arrested by Tuesday, the trial starts on Wednesday, and the jury reaches a verdict on Thursday, just in time for the prosecutor and defense counsel to consummate their long-simmering and unethical love affair on Friday night. Yarite. But just the week-long case part. The part about lawyers fucking around with each other is totally true. Especially the lawyers who are inappropriately fucking around with each other!
Oh, and for clarification, I'm not one of those lawyers - I'm just one who gets to be entertained by them.
At least Morena has a chance/reason to grow her hair out again...less the character she is playing has short hair.

Personally, while I could never say Morena is unattractive...the short-short hair she had/has doesn't suit her. But that's my opinion and others are free to quibble. So my hope is that her character will have longer hair.

Oh and re: Castle with Nathan: if it's a comedic procedural, could it be that it's like Peter Jackson's The Frighteners, where Nathan can see the undead and they have no issue in giving his character heck...espcially since he ain't Jennifer Love Hewitt, if you know what I mean ;D

Really? It will be interesting to see Nathan do a role where he can bust out his snark muscles or his "Why the f**k does this keep happening to me" exasperation face or whatever is called for if he's a writer giving aid to the cops in solving crimes in a comedic procedural.
I think her hair is just lovely. I wish my hair would look lke that.

But where have I been? I have never even heard of Heartland.
madmolly, you didn't miss anything.
BrewBunny, I'm a 2L and you're making me want to get through finals so I can watch the drama :)

I'm happy for Morena and Nathan, both of their shows sound promising.
Woot! Go Morena! I'm more of a medical drama person then a legal drama person but hey anything that puts Morena on my screen is most welcome!
Ahhh Morena.
I liked the picture but I also got an unpleasant flashback to Raquel Welch during the 70s and similar hair.
Morena 's currently ina play at Princeton and she has a Sassoon cut

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