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June 17 2003

(SPOILER) Scan of Joss interview in SFX ...but they're spoilers given by Joss himself, so how bad can they be? Well, okay. There is one really big thing...

that spoiler was released on aicn awhile back.. the little story they had sounded great... but thats all i'll say .. since ya know, spoilers and all.
That was a foiler on AICN, not a spoiler. The supposed "first act" of AtS 5.1 was actually part of a spec script written by some writer looking for work.
******* on a bike, what's up with this "let's get real" stuff? Let's get real and invade Iraq? I hope this pans out better than it sounds at the moment. Please don't let the A Team become handmaidens of accumulation and its discontents by hanging out more than is strictly necessary with lawyers. Our side's got souls, remember?
On second thoughts, maybe this is where it all gets a little bit more Jim Profit? Now that would be interesting...
For some reason, I don't have the same spider-landing-on-me response to angel spoilers as I did(sniff) with buffy spoilers. Am I the only one? Don't make me feel lonely. The whole Spike on Angel thing leaves me pretty excited.

And, jesus, is it that big of a deal to use an IMP to get rid of the RGB scan artifacts and sharpen the text? That jpg looks like I should be wearing 3d-glasses to get the full effect.

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So Spike is the new Cordelia? I thought James said he wouldn't be coming back as a human anyhow. Pesky actors or should that be pesky SFX?.
Hmmm, I guess the scan is gone -- I looked through their images and just found mostly homosexual male soft porn stuff. Does anyone else have the interview text?
Tensai covers the interview at Spoiler Slayer
I can email it to you, I copied it.
Hmmm human Spike. Interesting notion. What with all the learning how to deal without vampire strength, his self worth and being resurected. Can't wait.
Yeah, cause it will be fun to have a series called 'Angel' that's all about 'Spike'. I do hope they manage to avoid that trap and not have another one of their shows derail.

I wonder if Wolfram and Hart's offices have basements.
Spike as human, I'm not biting---then again, if it guarantees James that he won't have to bleach his hair, he may be all for it! ;)
Um, just pointing out that Joss never said Spike would come back human. That was article text which may (or may not) be conjecture on the part of the writer. I don't know what the fact-checking policies are like at SFX, but methinks Joss wouldn't have let a spoiler that huge just slip out. Take with a grain of salt, as always.
But can SFX print something like that if it wasn't true? I thought they were a reputable mag. Have they made mistakes before of this nature?
the link is dead
I've put the interview up.

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i think it is a good possibility that spike could return as human, but knowing joss, he will probably do something no one has ever thought of and then we all feel dumb (at least i will) so i guess i'll have to wait out the summer and see. grr arrgh
prolific- Well, AtS has always been more of an ensemble show than BtVS. While it was rich with many fleshed out support characters (not literally, unfortunately), the show was ultimately All.About.Buffy. AtS, while named after one character, does seem to focus on all the characters in such a way that it seems, to me, to have a broader scope.

In other words, I'm not worried. But then again, I'm a Spike-lover.
Knowing how Joss feels about spoilers, he's probably happy to let rumors run amok to hide the truth...I personally hope Spike DOESN'T come back as human, they've got Fred and Gunn as humans. I think Joss and Co. have done a good job of surprising us. As for whether SFX is correct, I've noticed that if you follow any given story in the news it gets reshashed, reiterated and rerun to death with stories actually quoting each other...and I think that in the end some of the people writing the stories end up assuming certain things just based on how the "last guy" wrote it. So we'll just have to see what the truth brings.

I agree AtS is more of an ensemble show so am looking forward to more screen time for JM (and no, I don't think it will become the Spike show!)

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