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May 09 2008

Bye Bye Private Practice. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Marti Noxon is leaving "Private Practice" to move on to other projects.

It's sort of a surprise, isn't it? Despite "Private Practice" being a train wreck, it is very successful and I wonder why a writer would leave a successful tv show that brings in money for some years. But of course, if Joss had made her an offer to join "Dollhouse", it seems like a no-brainer.

I don't know, Donnie. I've only seen a couple of episodes of Private Practice, but it didn't strike me as a train wreck, so much as polished and competent but dull. Happy version? Maybe she's leaving in the hope of doing something more interesting. Dollhouse already has Tim Minear, though.
Tim's consulting on Dollhouse, I think. I think there would (and should) be room for Marti.

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Marti joining Dollhouse would be sweet, even if fans still damn her for S6 and 7 of Buffy.

But in any case, leaving a bad TV show is always a good thing (at least creatively, if not financially). Okay, so I've never actually seen Private Practice, but Gray's Anatomy gives me a good reason not to.
Marti joining Dollhouse would be sweet, even if fans still damn her for S6 and 7 of Buffy.

Some fans.
I thank Marti daily for Seasons 6 & 7 by leaving various snacks and num nums at the Joss/Jane/Marti altar I have in my livingroom.
Is it not more likely that Marti Noxon will be working on projects of her own, rather than returning to work with Joss Whedon? Doesn't she have some kind of development deal with ABC?
Blessings to Marti for her work on BTVS (especially S6) and much luck to her in whatever project she is soon to grace... : )
I'd like to see Marti get her own show. I think she's learned from the mistakes she made on Point Pleasant and is getting ready to bring us something great.

She hasn't a whole heap of luck since Buffy, but we know that she has it in her.
I would say that Marti has had plenty of luck since Buffy. She got her own show (Point Pleasant), then she was an exec producer on a breakout success (GA), then she got another show to run (Private Practice). Pretty damn successful and lucky, I would say.
I saw this on my twitter feed and for a second I was scared the show had been cancelled or something!
I know it's not the best tv show out there,but it is my guilty pleasure. I like it more than Grey's Anatomy.

Well,good luck to Marti, I hope she'll develop her own series.
I haven't liked Marti Noxon's career choice nearly as much as I have Jane Espenson's. She's been part of some of my favorite shows - including, of course, BSG.

Marti's only been on one show I liked since Buffy ended and that was GA.
I keep waiting/hoping for Joss to roll in and tell us the "bag is catless". ;)
I liked Point Pleasant (in the way that Giles likes mushy peas) and good luck to Marti in what comes next.
Her 7 figure multi-year deal at ABC, announced in March, would preclude her from working on Dollhouse.
Wow way to scare me into thinking Private Practice had been cancelled! I love that show! Good luck to Marti onto whatever she does next!

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