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May 09 2008

Cover art for the Buffy season 8 'Wolves at the Gate' tpb. has a shipping date of November 1st for this volume but as ever that's subject to change. The website also has cover art for the Serenity: Better Days trade paperback.

Sweet Buffy cover.
The Wolves at the Gate cover is awesome! I was hoping this would appear soon, and November isn't too long to wait I suppose.

It's going to be odd, I go to Australia from mid July until mid December, so I'll come back to the whole run of 'Time of Your Life' and this TPB...
Vortigun - Where are you coming to in Australia, if you don't mind me asking? I live close to Perth and fellow Whedonesquers are always welcome!
Heh I live in Australia but am leaving for the UK in November until Jan 2009 us Buffy fans are world travellers!

Awesome, awesome cover. Will this also contain both 'Anywhere But Here' and 'A Beautiful Sunset'?
vampmogs - I'd say 'Anwhere but Here' will be in the 'No Future For You' TPB, and 'A Beautiful Sunset' will be with the 'Wolves at the Gate' TPB
Oh ok thanks for that, yeah that makes more sense now that I think about it :)
I'll be going to Melbourne to study for a semester, but I'll hopefully travel around between end of exams and Christmas. That will last until my money runs out I expect.
Looks really cool!
I love Jo Chen, but Buffy's stance on this reminds of Wesley's ka-ra-te moves.
My local comic store has the "No Future For You" TPB, the Faith story, scheduled for next week, May 14th., which is about a month earlier than Dark Horse had promised.

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Hey, this is the first time we've seen Jo do Drac. And yes, jcs...I agree about Buffy's "fighting stance." Still, a cool cover, which is more than can be said for the "Better Days" cover. ;-)
Buffy's stance actually reminded me of the pose in the Magician tarot card design. The stake upraised and all. This is by far the most colorful TBP cover to date; must be the Tokyo theme. But is it just me, or does the backdrop look kinda like Times Square?
Vortigun - if you ever get near Western Australia, get in touch with me. Always keen to hear from another Whedonesquer!
Love the Buffy cover! Drac looks great and so does Buffy. But, yeah, getting the Times Square feel. :)
Wonderful! Buffy's pose is a bit silly, but very appropriate for the cover! November seems so far away!
Good to see the subtle product placement as well *ahem*.
Simon, what product placement? Did I miss something?
Nice cover. I'd been holding off on individual Season 8 issues to wait for the tpb's, but Nov. 1st is a long time away.
Luv. Draculicious.
Heh, HMV. Is HMV a staple in the States as well, or just Canada and the UK ?

The "Wolves at the Gate" cover is cool (I assume it's brand new and not a reprint of a future cover), but I hope the Serenity "Better Days" one is subject to change. We got a different cover each for both the softcover and the hardcover of "Those Left Behind", so I'm spoiled now and expect more. Adam Hughes' 3-parter is kinda cool (the Simon, River, Kaylee is still my favorite), but no need to repeat it. Especially the #1 cover with a way too goofy and a bit strange rendition of Mal.

I didn't make it to my store tonight after work to pick up the new issue of Buffy...That's okay, weekend reading.
HMV has no stores in the US, so most Americans won't even notice the product (or really retail) placement.
Does anyone have more information about the release schedule for the trade paperbacks? I ask because I'm not a big comic person so I prefer to buy the trade paperbacks from Amazon UK as soon as they're available.

The Long Way home was available on Amazon UK last August, and I'm patiently awaiting No Future For You which is listed as being released in June. That's almost a year between releases! I don't want to have to wait until summer 2009 to read Wolves at the Gate!

I'm just wondering what the time difference between the US and UK releases are. When were the previous trade paperbacks released in the US? And how long after the last individual issue is released does it take for the trade paperback to be released? Actually if anyone has any detailed information about both the US and UK releases of the single issues and trade paperbacks it would be excellent.

I'm hoping that it has been taking so long to get the trade paperbacks possibly because of delays with the individual releases, or something, because it seems very strange that only one trade paperback is being released per year at the current rate.

That aside, I agree that it's a nice cover although I don't like it quite as much as the previous two, possibly because of the subject matter of the first two though.
As far as I know the trades available in the UK are the US versions that have been shipped over. In other words, when volume 2 (No Future...) is released in the States it will be available over here a bit later.

This is the same for the individual issues which tend to be in British stores the day after they are released in the US (which is Wednesday).

I have no idea why it takes so long for the trades to be published.

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Anyone have an idea who distributes Dark Horse publications in New Zealand? I frequently have to import from the United States and it puts me back around ten days (argh! internet spoilers!)
Here's an article about HMV in the US
I don't know why this doesn't show up as a link.
I remember the store in Manhattan. But, as they say, real estate is a killer here.

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