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May 09 2008

Tooned Up Willow released. Sideshow releases Tooned Up Willow for preorder. Looks like her famous season 5 pose from the scene where she attacks Glory in Episode 19, "Tough Love".

Preorders only for this new Willow. Tooned Up Buffy reportedly sold out now.

Ninety smackers is a bit rich for my blood. Still, a pity about Tooned Up Buffy; she's freakin' adorable!
I absolutely love this one. Great capture of Willow in cartoon form.
Did I miss the attachable spinning knives???

And yes Roland, at ninety bucks, a caption on the base could accurately read, "I owe you pain."

(And despite my smarmy quote comment, I totally want one!)
Wow, that is awesome, I'm geek-ing out right now.
Isn't it amazing that the toons look more like our favorite actors than the ones that are supposed to look like our actors? *baffled*

Love the statues. Hopefully one will buy them, move next to me, and allow me to visit it daily. 90 dollars is too much.
I *wish* I had the cash for this. So unbelievably cute! I'd be absolutely behind an animated series using these character designs. Maybe with a new tie-in video game. Or, at the very least, a reasonably priced set of action figures rather than just high end statues.
Um, shouldn't she have black eyes, not green?

Otherwise, way cute!
fromthecrypt, yeah she should have black eyes. Maybe they wanted to make sure she didn't look "evil". But the green is pretty!

I would LOVE a new Buffy video game! Oh, please please please!
Good catch, fromthecrypt. But I don't think that these are meant to be literal interpretations, but liberal sculpts that are based on artist Tracy Lee's sketches found here: Let me just mention that the other sketches are great too. (Scroll to bottom of linked page to view.) Tracy Lee has quite the resumé, and is a very talented artist! He'd be a great one to collaborate with Dark Horse on a Buffy Season 8 comic book, whether by story arc or a seperate, tangient book.

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If the artwork for a computer game was based on these cartoon figures it would be really cool (the graphics anyway). Can't think it would be too hard to design a decent game around Buffy, I can see it being able to fit most genres if you wanted it to.
Looks so much more awesome than the "realistic" ones do. I'd personally never touch one of those, or any action figures, but PVC models like this that try and create something new and interesting instead of badly copying a likeness are just much better.

To put it another way, having a to-scale miniature model of an actual person is creepy, whilst having a model that captures the spirit of a character is great.

..I'm still glad the cartoon was never made though.
OIDK, MattK - I love my little Scooby gang. I made a leather duster for Giles and a Scythe for Buffy. Giles is also carrying what I like to call a quarter-stake, which is a staff with one end sharpened. Even Tara has a dagger, although she tends to drop it often.

But most of the recent DST releases have been...scary. The multiple Faiths that came out before "Chosen" Faith looked nothing like Eliza, imo. And...I haven't seen "Chosen" Giles in person, but he looks awfully crabby and not very Tony.

The "Essence of" statues look smashing, but...way too costly for the likes of me. Just having someone sculpt a Tony head for me (That's not a typo - she only did his head, and attached it to a super-poseable Aragorn of Helm's Deep figure's body) set me back a few pretty pennies. But it's so worth it, because now I have a Giles to ride my Otto, complete with leather duster and a grassy "English countryside."

I really wish they'd do a full line of "Chosen" figures, and release some of the others we haven't seen, like Jenny, Olivia, Joyce (On her own, not in a set), Jonathan, maybe even Amy (in human & rat form). They could a "Principal of the Thing" three pack - Flutie, Snyder & Wood. Ooh! Halfrek. They could do a Hallie three-pack - Halfrek, Hallie & Cecily. And...I'm going to stop now.

I still want Ripper, gorramit!
What an awesome figure. I have to agree, a Ripper figure would be fantastic!

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