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May 09 2008

Solicitation For Dark Horse August Releases Is Out. Includes Buffy Season 8 #17 and the Buffy Tarot Cards with images of several more cards.Plus the Serenity Better Days trade and ornament.

The new Tarot cards we see are The Sun,The Fool,Wheel of Fortune and The Tower.Plus the already released High Priestess and Death cards.

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Note that Better Days and the ornament are actually solicited for October...
Nu-uh, I'm through getting spoiled by these.
Think the "Serenity" TPB is going to be another bit-sized one like "Those Left Behind" was first released as?

TPB, 6" x 9"
Wow, that was an aspect of 'The Tower' that I hadn't considered at all, but fits so well...
Does anyone have a hint who the dead woman with the stake is in the Death card. She kinda looks like Dawn to me, which is disturbing!
So, the First Slayer is the Fool?

Quoting Sunfire from the awesome High Priestess thread:

The Fool is one of the more powerful figures in the Major Arcana. The Fool is on a quest to gain experience and wisdom in the world. He is earnest and trusting. He could make anything of his life-- it's full of potential. He is often seen as the protagonist of the deck. He's often shown about to walk off a precipice-- an act of idiocy, or faith? Depends on how you want to see it.

I don't know about trusting... I like the idea of her being on a quest to gain experience and wisdom in the world, not knowing what we know, what Buffy finds out. But then usually it's others coming to her for answers, isn't it? I'm fascinated by the idea of the First Slayer as the protagonist in all of this...

What do tarot-knowing people get out of the new ones? (Buffy midair is a super-powerful image, it turns out)
I'm just happy about the price of the deck. I thought it would be much higher. $14.99 is a steal.
It occurred to me people might want to look at the cards without scrolling past the solicit for Buffy 17 (spoiler fear), so I thought I'd link them?
The Sun

The Fool

The Wheel of Fortune

The Tower

The High Priestess (big pretty version)

Death (big pretty version)
Buffy in the Tower is doing her high dive from The Gift, isn't she? You can feel the emotional power from these cards even if you don't exactly catch their meaning.
Serenity Laser Engraved Acrylic Ornament

Screeeeeee! Christmas presents!

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No kidding, TamaraC, that $14.99 price had to be one of the coolest surprises about this set (which I had planned on buying willie-nillie of the price...). So much thought and effort seems to have put into this item (I love the "origin" of the deck BTW), it's always so refreshing to see how much original thought and creativity is still coming out of the masterful show that was (and is) BTVS.

Okay, on a purely comic book geeky note; who else squeed at the mention of BERNIE WRIGHTSON’S FRANKENSTEIN? anyone?...

okay, just me then...

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Is this accurate?


Joss Whedon (W), Brett Matthews (W), Will Conrad (P), Michelle Madsen (C), and Jo Chen (Cover)

Is she really doing the TPB cover? Because that'd just make my day.
I'm glad the tarot deck's only $14.99 as well. It looked really cool, but I figured that it would be a lot more expensive, so I wasn't planning on getting it. This price is actually reasonable, so I'll pick up a set.
I found it funny that for the Indiana Jones comic book it says Tony Harris did the cover and then they have a photograph of Harrison Ford... Tony Harris is good but not that good... ;)
So, did anyone think that the red star in the backdrop of the Tower card kinda look like those red orbs in the vision in issue #10 of Buffy Season 8?
Just an observation... have no idea how to read tarot...
Maybe I'm dense, but I can't figure out whose face that is in The Sun. Faith?
Looks like a young Buffy to me, but who knows?
I definitely thought The Sun was Buffy. These cards are so wicked!
I think the Sun face is Buffy's, metaphorically burning a vamp with her light. The First Slayer as the Fool is an interesting choice, and a very symbolic one, because if the Major Arcana represent a journey towards wisdom (and the Fool is the beginner's stage, the human being with no experience), certainly the First Slayer is the first step of the Slayers towards their full realization. She is the beginning of the line, after all. Funny choice for the Wheel of Fortune, on the other hand. The traditional iconography of the card represents the rise and fall of a person through the twists and turns of life, and the Master ironically fits that. A huge authority figure turned to dust.

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Yeah, the Sun's definitely got Buffy's face. And I figured the Tower would have Buffy jumping off it.

What I want to know is how Faith's gonna figure in to this.
OK, I have a dumb question. Where can you pre-order this sucker? I checked the dark horse website and couldn't find it. Am I being stupid?

You are not. Dark Horse sells it stuff online thru here
and other vendors.

See if the stuff you want is available for pre-order at tfaw. Or if you have a local comic book store, they can order it for you. Comic Book stores have a big catalog called Previews.
I think The Sun is Faith not Buffy. Those doe eyes and short lips definitely look like Faith to me. And the metaphor still works.

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