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May 10 2008

Video of Nathan Fillion on Australia's The Morning Show. About Nathan's time on Desperate Husbands and People's sexiest man alive list. And Nathan's the "nicest guy in Hollywood."

Sweet. Thanks for posting.
I waited for this and watched it, but they didn't seem to care about Firefly at all >.> Desperate Housewives pisssh posh! :p
Nathan would have made an amazing high school teacher.
Alright, enough of the nice cuz I'm Canadian-thing. LOL. Us Americans are sweethearts too. Just sayin'.

Love ya, Big Guy!
"Desperate Husbands"? *chuckle*

Loved the "Gynecology Test", and I suspect that Nathan had contractual obligations
to be vague about the "Space show and resulting film".
And the latest nomination for expressions that do not translate well between different English-speaking countries is:

Hunk of Spunk.

So wrong. So very, very wrong. But thanks for the laught to whoever put that up on YouTube. :-)
Eeeeeew, BrewBunny, just...eeeeeeew. And I say that as an Aussie girl who uses the expression all the time!
TDBrown contracts don't keep someone from talking about past work. That is just not how it works. Nathan could have freely talked about Firefly or Serenity as much as he wanted to.
Still, he did seem almost deliberately circumspect regarding the names 'Firefly' and 'Serenity'. Came across slightly odd. Maybe he was just wary of the mainstream's default anti-sci-fi position ?

Hunk of Spunk.

So wrong. So very, very wrong.

Heh yep, watching young girls on Aussie daytime soaps describe various blokes as "a spunk" was ... jarring ;).

(I was aware of the US meaning though, sort of a cross between sass and grit)
Thanks BrewBunny. I had no idea.
Next time I read that someone has a lot of spunk, it's going to call up a whole new image. Great.
I wondered if there was si-fi shame also... but Channel 7 is the Whedon channel in Australia.. well it was.
No, they didn't care about Firefly... or, really, anything other than cross-promoting Desperate Housewives within their show.

I just hope Nathan's new project works out. I want to see him in something less... "housewivey".
Maybe he was just wary of the mainstream's default anti-sci-fi position ?

In a similar vein, I find it funny that some mainstream fans of Lost deny its ever heavier sci-fi bent, especially given the prevalence/likelihood of various theories involving time travel that connect most of the pieces of its puzzle at this point.
Ah the familiar old refrain - if it's sci-fi it can't be good and if it's good it can't be sci-fi ;).
I've heard people say they'll be so angry if the "solution" on Lost turns out to be "sci-fi." They want something real, something that can be explained by, uh, What is science fiction, again?

So do they say how they will feel if it really is a magic box?
Suicidal. :)
I wanted to go to one of these conventions "hunk of Spunk" Nathan mentioned, but a thingy called work got in the way. Will just have to get my daily Nathan medicine on youtube. Stalkerish much?

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