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May 10 2008

Director David Solomon is in the [Doll]House. The fan blog Dollrific! notices that the former Buffy producer and 'Out Of Gas' director has joined the Dollhouse team.

Whoo! And may I add some Hoo! I love "Out of Gas" and I have always enjoyed David's funny commentary on the BtVS DVD's. I think he will be an excellent addition to an already stellar team.

*looks at watch*

Is it time yet?? ;)
"Out of Gas" was one of my favorite episodes, so I am stoked.
He's only listed as a director? He was a producer on BtVS, also.
Joss is bringin' the magic back, baby.
Wild horses couldn't drag him away.

Wild, wild horses . . .
The prom song! I love it!
Also loved "Out of Gas" :-) This is an excellent addition to the crew. Seriously, is it time yet?
Pointy there, jumpin' off the Beatles' ship and onto the competition's - so fickle ;).

Good to see David Solomon onboard, his direction on 'Out of Gas' was pitch perfect I reckon, somehow managing to accomplish the impossible by being distinctive and stylish while only adding to, not distracting from, the story being told. Not sure if it's my favourite 42 minutes of TV ever but it's up there.
This makes me all kinds of happy.
The article says it's unclear how involved he is, as he's only listed as a director. That could mean he's just in for one or two eps.

I wonder how hard it is to get people to commit to being on staff when you've only got a seven-episode guarantee. I'd assume that Joss might even keep the number of people he's hiring to the bare minimum until he knows whether this is a go.
Oh gosh, I'm getting so excited about this! Joss is clearly drawing in the faithful. Oh, how long we waited...
Just gets better and better. Although I kinda hope Joss is directing the first episode. I don't think I actually can wait. Is anyone else having the dreams?

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I am crossing my fingers that Joss himself directs the first couple of episodes. I think you are probably right Sham Joss may be trying to keep it to a skeleton crew for right now until they get picked up for the rest of the season.

See what I did there? I didn't even allow for the possibility that Fox would screw it up and Joss over again.

Of course I did then just mention.. Crap..

I'll bugger off now and go back to crossing my fingers! ;)
I remember reading somewhere that Joss is indeed directing the first episode. And really, who else could do it?
Of course he's directing.

What's next? Joss, you must hire Sarah and Elizabeth, two of the best. Also, coax away Jane from Ron, I'm sure you can do it. Also, add Doug, Drew, and Uncle David in the mix. Whom I'm forgetting? Oh! Marti! And DeKnight. And Jeffrey!

Okay, better stop before I hurt my brain. In closing, that's a dream team.
Joss, you must hire Sarah and Elizabeth

You mean Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, the first staffers announced as hired for the show, way back when in like March or something?

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-05-10 19:41 ]
Ahh, I wasn't aware of that. Guess I'm well behind in the news.

Thank you, 'bix.
This just keeps getting better and better... I cannot wait to see this show!!!
Also, coax away Jane from Ron, I'm sure you can do it.

He won't have to-- BSG is ending. Assuming Dollhouse ends up getting a full season (or more), I bet we'll see a Jane written or produced ep at some point.
Assuming Dollhouse ends up getting a full season (or more), I bet we'll see a Jane written or produced ep at some point.

I think she's moving onto Warehouse 13. So she may be busy with that.
Aw, nerts. Never heard of Warehouse 13, dunno what it is.

Well, should schedules ever align and should the show be a go, I'm sure Jane would be a prime candidate at least, if the opportunity ever presents itself.
Just googled "Warehouse 13", sounds interesting.

Simon, do you have a link that Jane is going in that direction? I'd assumed she would carry on with, "Caprica".

Just a guess on my part.
Here's one Reuters article. There are many others that mention Jane E's involvement, though Ron Moore has dropped his involvement with it.
Yeah but this more recent interview suggests she may not actually be involved in the ongoing series.

News that Sci-Fi ordered the two-hour pilot penned by you, Rockne O’Bannon, and D. Brent Mote left many fangirls jumping for joy. The concept is intriguing. Can you give us any juicy tidbits about your new dramedy Warehouse 13?

Oh, I wish I knew myself! I was neither the first writer on that project nor the last. The script (and the show) is in Rockne’s hands now, and I’m confident he’s doing a great job. I can tell you that I was proud of my draft, and that I believe in the project wholeheartedly.

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YES!! on Warehouse 13. I've been waiting for a Farscape/Whedonverse creative team crossover. Between this and Dollhouse I might actually go back to watching TV next year.

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