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May 10 2008

Hero: True Strength. The latest Martin Firrell/Nathan Fillion collaboration.

If your computer connection is slow like mine, the blue bits go on for a while. Don't think it ends when it hasn't. And be sure your computer's sound is turned on. There is music and singing and Nathan Fillion says some things. The actual end is when the words "cultural activism by martin firrell..." show up below the picture area.

Even with my connection, it runs normal speed the second time I watch it. If slow connection, just minimize the window and let it run in the background until it finishes. Then "watch" it again.

If you hover the mouse over the "watch" word near the top, you can watch each of the sections of Hero that are available right now.

This Series just keeps getting more and more inspirational.
A huge Thank You to everyone involved in the Project. If
just one person's life has been changed by this, it's all been
Wow. That was really good.

*moves Nathan up a notch in her personal "Man I would willingly marry list"*

*realizes he was at the top already*

The music was haunting, and Nathan was great as per his usual.. Swoonworthy and making a statement at the same time. Lovely.
That was really nice. Great to see Nathan as a part of this!
I haven't checked out the site yet, i can't wait to see it, but does anyone have any idea of when the display would be put on public buildings? that was the plan right?
I saw one come on in a Curzon cinema in London (I notice they are listed in the credits, so I guess are "sponsors"), before the ads and trailers started. Don't know anything about the public buildings plan, though.
The HERO project surely has to be one of the most inspirational art movements I've seen in years... Makes me proud to be a fan of an actor who would put his own time and effort into something like this.

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