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May 10 2008

Vancouver CSTS - Jewel Staite to do Q&A before screening. "She will also be autographing some items for the silent charity auction."

Screenings in 14 cities on sale now. Tampa, FL went on sale.

CSTS Affiliate City Events

Minneapolis, MN is having 3 screenings this year!

This makes the count
45 Serenity Charity Screenings,
40 Cities,
4 Countries,
19 US States,
All 6 Aussie States,
2 Canadian Provinces.

Other special guests
OR, Portland Dark Horse's Scott Allie and Sierra Hahn and Amanda Sullivan Director of Equality Now's Women's Action Network.
TX, Dallas/Fort Worth Tim Minear
TX, Houston featuring Cedric from the Bedlam Bards

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A slight correction -- Tim Minear will be at the Dallas screening event, not Austin's.

Thanks. I made a sorting error at sometime in my spreadsheet and that column got messed up.

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Outstanding, Jewel and Tim! Please, who ever attends, take good notes and share with us. I'm so courious what Tim has been up to.
Yay! That is great news all around!
I am so excited Minneapolis is doing 3! I have recently begun worrying about the Riverview Theatre which hosts the CSTS (because they just dumped the bimonthly midnight showings/performances of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, so the cast and fans (me) had to find a new home) but I conjure this makes up for it, at least a little. You know I'll be there each night!
I can't get enough of Serenity on the big screen and three charity events should be just enough to hold me over until the September show! I've lived within a mile of the Riverview for all but a year of my life. I've got friends who now refer to it as the Serenity Theater. Awesome.

Now if Minneapolis can just score a guest!

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