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May 11 2008

Nathan talks Trucker, Firefly and Dr Horrible. "It’s gonna rock."

can not wait
"never say never"!

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Worst case scenario we get comic book mini-series every other year or so for a few years. I am hoping for a continuing series of some kind before 2010.

About Dr Horrible: colour me excited!
The answer to the question about the fans enthusiasm....can I love this man any more than I do? He gets us. That is why he is our Captain.

And his beliefs about how we should talk to children is spot on. I never have talked down to my child or anyone else's and it has been easier to bond with them.

I can't wait for Trucker to come out.
I suspected there would be rocking.
He sounds very patient and understanding about some of the reasons fans can go overboard when they talk to him - the stuff about the "heightened state" & the attendant anxiety seemed pretty psychologically sound. Gods love him, he's had to put up with his share of crap - hopefully balanced by people who have treated him right - those fans that "came through."

And I loved his take on dealing with kids - absi-tutely.

Oh. Oh! I want to hear the Horrible Songs and join The Evil League of Evil!!

(OT, but speaking of funny songs, last night I saw Seth MacFarlane live "in concert" with Alex Boorstein - what an evil treat. Evil and hilarious; let's just say they work a little blue, and their sign translators had to make some interesting choices. I felt a little dirty afterwards, but it was worth it - and they both can sing.)

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Nathan Fillion. In a musical. Joss Whedon behind it all. Everytime a new article pops up I get all excited as though it's the first time I've heard about this feckin' brillian news!
Is anyone else looking forward to this more than Dollhouse? A Joss Whedon musical with Nathan Fillion and Neal Patrick Harris sounds like it should have its own tv series, not just a short.
Hopefully it'll catch on and a spawn a strong web series. Although it looks like the world isn't ready to commit to one (Sanctuary being a prime example). I am way more excited about this than Dollhouse, although I think a short is perfect for now. Besides, a musical TV series? Joss would have to work around the clock to churn out the kind of quality seen in OMWF and [hopefully...ok, most likely] this one!
I'm really excited about this... but I don't have high hopes it'll catch on as it should. I fear it'll stay on the browncoats/scooby public. [which is already great, but I'd love to see more people getting to know the awesomeness of Joss]

off: I'm truly happy to have finally registered on whedonesque! Helloooo, from Brazil, to u all!

But it isn't even Christmas to tell the internet.
I hope Trucker gets picked up for distribution. I've heard some good things about it.
Trucker was a good movie. The kind that will be in the independently owned movie theaters for weeks and maybe get one week at the local miniplex. But I really liked it.
Unless Trucker gets picked up for distribution it'll take a really long time until I have the chance to see it... =/


Also, about the fans question, he really seems like a great and humble guy. And I don't think I can be any more jealous of all the fans who had the chance to meet him as I already am.

But it isn't even Christmas to tell the internet.

I don't know if it's because I'm just too tired, or is just because my english fails on me sometimes, but I didn't get your comment. O.o ...
Welcome maxsummers!

Things sound so funny in my head. You finally registered on whedonesque. Reading that made me logout and check the membership page. And it is open. Last time membership was open was around Christmas time. Membership isn't open all the time. So I went off to tell the internet...or actually some Browncoats etc...some myspace friends etc.
Gidday to you all in Whedonesque land! Hello especially to the mighty purple ruler of said land and is also ruler of all things cool and slayee. Have finally packed my bags and set up camp here. Anyways, have calmed down just enough to say...Nathan Fillion also rocks (and pebbles?!!) From all that I have seen, and that is most of Mr. Fillion's work, he's such a great actor and a humble humanitarian to boot! Can't wait to see Trucker and also that webby singy thingy soon!
Oh and p.s. Mr Whedon, Mr Fillion doesn't smell of turnips... oh, ok maybe on Wednesdays and at 9 am on Tuesdays.
Of course it's gonna rock... how could it not? And Nathan Fillion singing? Oh, be still my heart. And then beat frequently again or else I'll be dead.

Is anyone else looking forward to this more than Dollhouse?

Yes, but only because I've been promised it sooner. *taps keyboard impatiently*
Ohh, ok... now I got it Anonymous1!

Yeah, I missed the last registration time, and I was quite surprised to see it was open again!


it should have its own tv series, not just a short.

I don't know about a tv series, I can't visualize a musical-tv series... but a 2-hours film would be really shiny.
Well there was a musical TV called Cop Rock. Not sure if it was very good and it certainly didn't last long. However I think Joss could pull it off for a HBO/Showtime mini-series. Doesn't have to last seven seasons.
But it isn't even Christmas to tell the internet.

And 'tis happy I am that you did... as it has enabled me to join you all!
Welcome newbies! I can say that now because I joined in March. ;)

I don't know about a continuation of Dr. Horrible. I kind of like the fact that it's short and sweet. It gives Joss the chance to work on other projects as well as start new ones. Personally, I can't wait to see The Serving Girl with Summer.
Reckon 'Dollhouse' is gonna keep him fairly busy, at least until next summer. Maybe they'll be able to make 'The Serving Girl' during the hiatus ?

(Joss may well have time between now and Christmas since 'Dollhouse' is starting mid-season but Summer will - hopefully - still be working on 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles'. Though I guess some time could appear on Summer's schedule if SAG strike)

And welcome new arrivals ;).

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