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May 11 2008

Strong take on "Recount" drama. Danny Strong is interviewed by about his screenwriting debut, an HBO film about the 2000 election.

Who knew Danny was so political? And props to him for name-dropping Mike Gravel for president.
I don't know who Mike Gravel is.

I think Danny Strong voted for Gore in 2000. Or maybe his reticence is because of youthful vote for Nader.

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I've seen the ads. Looks to be like a good film.
Without looking it up, I know Gravel is a demo politician (from ALaska maybe, nut sure) who either expressed interets in running for PRes. then didn't or was eliminated in like the first caucus.
Danny was actually making a funny little joke that Politico readers will appreciate.

Just for the record for the confused about U.S. politics, candidates for party nominations are not "eliminated" in primary elections or caucuses, they eliminate themselves after poor results if they are sane, usually when they have no chance. Danny was making a joke because, Mike Gravel, who indeed is a former Alaska Senator (though his last term ended some twenty years or more back) was, until very recently, still in the race and clearly not quite sane. (Since the Potomac primaries many weeks back, most serious observers have long believed that Hillary Clinton had little chance, just to give you a sense of how Gravel's chances were as close to impossible as it gets in politics.)

Gravel, a bit of a crank these days IMO, is now competing against Bob Barr for the nomination of the Libertarian party.

As for why Danny demurred on saying who he voted for in 2003, he's just trying to avoid giving ammunition to those who would, site unseen, labeled the film pro-Democratic party propaganda. (The far-right film website, Libertas, has already labeled the film thusly, because of the involvement of known, card-carriying Democrat Sydney Pollack.) Since I assume Danny voted in California (a "safe state" for Gore because of the electoral college) in 2000, I'd give it as almost even money whether he voted for Gore or Nader. A lot of us disenchanted folks basically flipped a coin that year. (I took out my disappointment with Bill Clinton on Al Gore, who was not publicly the man he is today back then, and voted for Nader, but if I'd lived in Florida, my decision would have been much harder. Now, of course, I wish to God that Gore had won.)

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bobster; Sorry, I over-simplified that, you're right.

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