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May 11 2008

Seth Green's doodle for NF up on Ebay. The auction for Seth's doodle ends May 18th.

Some of the other doodle contributors are Mark Harmon (NCIS), Goldie Hawn, Sergio Aragones (Mad Magazine artist), Portio de Rossi (Nip/Tuck), Davey Jones and Peter Tork (from The Monkees), Mikey Teutul (American Choppers), Robin Williams, Scarlett Johansson...

From the MissionFish website:
NF, Inc. is a national, tax-exempt, charitable organization whose mission is to create a network of support for those affected by NF, through education, advocacy, and coalitions, and by supporting research for treatments and a cure.

This "doodle" is currently going for $795.00 with over 5 days left to bid and far ahead of much bigger stars.
WOW! This was only going for somewhere around the $120 mark when I originally posted it.

What was that link posted on here a while back about how everyone needs Whedon fans...? LOL

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