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May 12 2008

Felicia Day is Pretty/Scary. She talks about Dr. Horrible's Sing Along, gaming, and the plan for The Guild to become a TV series.

I get an "Admin only" message.
Me too! Anyways, I can't wait to see the webby singy thingy! Can't wait to see Nathan Sing! Can't wait for Fillion - Whedon collaboration again, basically can't wait!
I just clicked the link there and it seemed to work. I love Felicia, Nathan and NPH (as well as the obvious, high and mighty JW!) so I'm totally overexcited.
The Guild as a TV show! It'll be great! Now if only they could get Joss on board.....
Felicia is sooooo cool. I'm having a blast with The Guild. Can't wait for Dr. Horrible either. Is Whedonesque really going to be the blog for Dr. Horrible?
My wife has given me permission to marry Felicia. :-)

All kidding aside, I hope that the show does get picked up; I'm not a gamer, but I sure know people who are and who are just. like. that.
I'd bet you that G4TV would pick up The Guild. Have they shopped it to G4?
They've said that G4 isn't interested. Which is their loss.

By the way, I don't think she meant there are actual plans to make it a tv series. They're just trying to get a production partner so the show has an actual budget.
G4 doesn't want a sitcom of its own? I guess it's betting on Japanese obstacle course shows to bring them to the top...and they have chosen a good one.
Still, a comedy about gamers should be a natural for G4. What gives?

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