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"That was watercooler vengeance!"
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May 12 2008

'Bones' Star Emily Deschanel Just Wants to Have Fun. An aim which her notoriously humor-minded TV partner co-star is all too willing to accomodate.

He's "like a kid," she says. "He'll take down his pants and moon people."

Dave is always a riot on the outtakes on Angel/Bones dvds.
Just saw the episode! Oh my g-d! Did NOT see THAT coming!!!!!!
DUDE! Total rocks! I was yelling at the TV - "That's not the season finale, is it?! Gawd, that sucks!" And then they had the teaser for next week's episode, which is the season finale.

I am so in love with this show. Just when you think you know the characters, another facet of their personality shows up.

I grinned at the AI shout-outs, since David & Emily were in the audience last season.

Anyone know if the singing was dubbed, or the actual actors singing?
Somehow, I think Agent Booth will survive...

Is anyone else thinking, "musical episode"?

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