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May 12 2008

Serenity: Better Days #3 (of 3) ships this week! Also shipping: Buffy Season 8 Vol. 2 - No Future For You TPB!

What a nice surprise! Yay, I was all ready to wait until July, haven't read the Faith arc in ages, all my comics are at home!
Meh. I still haven't tracked down a copy of #2.
This comic has been easily as good as one of the better episodes of the series, so I can't wait to see how it ends.
b!X, I found a copy for you. Let me know where to send it and it's yours.
B!x, or you can also win one over on the Universal HD Firefly Fan Forums as a forums shindig "door" prize next Saturday when "Jaynestown" airs at 8pm EDT.
Dees anyone know if there's going to be a very limited edition hardcover version of the Buffy 'No Future For You' tpb? There was one for the first volumne as I recall.
There seems to be dozens of unsold copies of Better Days 1 and 2 at my local comic shop, the Leeds branch of Travelling Man!
I'm not entirely sure that I have a copy of #2 either, come to think of it. I'll have to go through the pile and give my local a ring.
Staying on the subject of comics, Comicbookresources reports that more Sugarshock is to come:
Actually it just says more Joss Whedon written stuff Perseo. Got my hopes up there ;).

(though more Joss Whedon written stuff is always A Good Thing, "Sugarshock" or not)

ETA: Though is 'Sugarshock' in a print edition new ? Not sure if we knew that or not.

[ edited by Saje on 2008-05-13 14:20 ]
Easy on the Sugarshock rumors. That hurt my heart a little.
Isn't it going to be part of a Dark Horse webcomic TPB in the future? I remember reading that somewhere...
Sorry, I assumed since Joss did just Sugarshock for the DH Presents line:-) But I still think it's going to be a second run for the not-Viking crazies.
No worries Perseo and hope springs eternal (though like I say, i'd also be happy to see him do brand new stuff, the guy seemingly can't help but create memorable characters and great verses, even when he's "just" being wacky).

Isn't it going to be part of a Dark Horse webcomic TPB in the future? I remember reading that somewhere...

Was it, by any chance, on the link two posts above yours Vortigun ?

(kidding ;-)
But hey, Sugarshock in print in September-- if there was a timeframe announced for that before, I forgot it as per usual. So that's cool.
Better Days has been great - I hate to see it end... but can't wait to read #3
The print of Sugarshock will be exactly the same as it was released on the web? Or is it like a new series of Sugarshock??
Nah, just a paper edition of the existing web comic (though there may be extras like concept sketches or script pages as is sometimes the case with trade paperbacks).
hummm, thanks Saje.


anyway, I`d buy it.
But probably, I wont... not for a while anyway... I`m saving my money to import Buffy/Angel/Firefly comics........ [ I really really really need to win the lotto ]

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