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May 13 2008

(SPOILER) An Interview With Alyson Hannigan! She talks about last night's episode of "How I Met Your Mother", Britney Spears and Jason Segel- nudity. She also teases the season finale of the most awesome comedy on television. Spoilers for HIMYM's third season ahead.

Not seen the video yet (as I haven't seen last nights episode yet, and not sure about spoiling the finale) but wow, she looks fantastic in that picture.
When did this become the most awesome comedy on television?
Last Wednesday. Pretty sure there was a memo.
When did this become the most awesome comedy on television?

crossoverman | May 13, 09:37 CET

It always was. Didn't you know? Man, you're really not well informed. Shame on you! :o
It's a pretty funny show, best writers on TV, I don't know...

Also, wow, how old is the Hannigan, she has that rare gift of getting prettier every year. Um, no, scratch that, she's always been pretty, but still, wow!

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And far more savvy and diplomatic than NPH is regarding Britney. She gives good interview, for sure. And CBS finally piad attention- see new post above this one.
Okay, I feel stupid, does NPH stand for Neil Patrick Harris (if thats how you spell it)?

Did he say something kinda, um, tasteless regarding Britney, or something to that effect?
Yes and sorta. He said he didn't want HIMYM to become one long parade of stunt-casted guest stars which was misconstrued as an attack on Ms Spears specifically - afterwards he clarified that that wasn't what he meant. Tempest in a teacup basically.
Or a beer mug, given this show.

God, she's cute! (and I haven't even watched the clip)
saje- I htink he really meant what he said but backed off due to the minor backlash that his comment caused. Personally, I felt much the same. This show lives on its regulars, not on stunt casting (which is more and more common these days- look who gets cast- no talents like Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan).
Yeah I agree he meant what he said Dana5140, my point is more that what he said wasn't specifically aimed at Britney Spears, no-matter how the journalist seemed determined to construe it.
I haven't really been able to get into the show, but I agree that Alyson is getting prettier and prettier! She easily looks like she could be in her early 20s.
I think she's on Conan tonight...
Yeah, I am not so sure they have the "best" writers on TV... But that show is fantastic and she is unbelievably cute.
She's on promoting the show (a show she hopes to remain on), so I can't imagine that it would fly if she came out and said "We have entirely adequate writers who have occasional moments wherein they exceed the median standard of cleverness."
Heh, it's like when you write a reference for someone and end up having to put stuff like "X is usually very punctual" ;).

"Over the years i've come to realise that our writers are less talentless than some others"
"Every script is a golden opportunity for me to take the dialogue and make it as funny as possible and for that I thank our writers"
"Our writers work extremely hard, I give them an 'A' for effort"
"I love that our writers aren't elitists, after all most people are in the middle of the pack"
"Our writers make a mean chilli"

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