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May 13 2008

How I Met Your Mother renewed. The LA Times reports that Alyson Hannigan's show 'How I met Your Mother' has been renewed for a fourth season by CBS.

edit: Confirmed by Carter Bays

According to the article, we have Britney to thank for this.

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Shiny! I love HIMYM.
Thanks Britney
It has quickly turned into one of my favorite shows. Very funny. So much so, in fact, that it doesn't require that ridiculous laugh track, imo.
Oh, happy day :-)
I agree with alexreager, the show does not need the laugh track. There's plenty of laughing coming from the actual audience!
Very good news.
I love Ally and all, but the writing on this show has always screamed "meh" to me. I've tried, I bought both the first and the second season but it never grabbed me.
I may send Britney a thank-you card. Frankly, it's been really nice to see that poor girl getting some press for being on a charming sitcom rather than the usual reasons she is covered. Hope to god this trend continues (this trend being that enjoyable shows are renewed and celebrities are covered for doing their jobs: not for doing something salacious).
Legen.... wait for it.....dary!
Good news!
Jona; Hardy-har-freakin'-har :-).

Ragedy edge: Yes, that would be a good change, and an alomost inconceivable one, too. (Plus, I hope B"rit" recovers and gets ont rack to stay; besides all the normal humanitarian reasons, from what I'v eheard she's not talented enough to deserve becoming a legned.)
Man, I think we need to impose a moratorium on the use of Legen... wait for it! ...dary! around these parts :)
I second that motion zeitgeist. Wholeheartedly!
"Sui ... wait for it ... t up !". It's the future, telling you.
I never really followed HIMYM... only a few episodes...

but I do want to... maybe now that`s been renewed I`ll catch up with it, so I can watch the next season.
I can third that motion, Z. I'd think the moratorium should end when Dr. Horrible comes out.
Oh, on the contrary, I propose this plan:

1. Moratorium on use of "the phrase"
2. Doctor horrible comes out
a. Ban anyone who uses "the phrase" to describe Doctor Horrible
3. Money
4. Dockers
5. Chicks

(Yes, I am kidding and yes, if you think there were at least two references in the above, you are correct.)
When you ban me you legally have to use the phrase 'moderatored!'
Whedonesque has terrible parliamentary procedure.
Is this where you lot start throwing the tea overboard ?
I thought this was a benevolent dictatorship.

Back on topic, never got into HIMYM, but I am happy to see The Unit return.
I'm very happy that HIMYM has been renewed! Is it just me or does that sound like NPH singing the male part in the link that Jona posted? If you don't know what the page is about, it was a reference from this week's show.
Why must innocent tea always suffer for the crimes of others?
Think of the happy fishes getting tea for breakfast.
No milk though. In fact, lack of milk is probably the sole reason fish haven't invented fire in order to boil the water for a nice, relaxing cuppa. Basically we're all damn lucky they forgot about sea cows.

(and I have to admit 'The Unit' is one of my guiltiest of guilty pleasures - if only because it's pretty hard not to hero worship the unstoppable Jonas Blaine, the sort of right wing super-hero even a woolly headed liberal like me can't resist ;) - so i'm glad to see it back)
Whedonesque has terrible parliamentary procedure.

Oh, and the pride we take in that is immeasurable ;)

Saje - watched the first ep or so of The Unit, but never went back to it. It is Shawn Ryan, though, so I may have to revisit it at some point.

...the unholy prince... wait for it ...bator!
Saje, that must be why fish is so healthy, yes?

Glad about HIMYM, just wish the BBC would go for the later series. Or even re-show the first.
The Unit comes back? Really like that show. It's like the A-team for grown ups. Nice that HIMYM is renewed but I don't watch it. Haven't missed an epi of the Unit though.
That's about the perfect way to describe it Caroline, it's pure escapist action (so long as you turn a blind eye to the fairly disturbing geopolitical ramifications - which, in its own defence, the show does at pretty much every opportunity ;). And I wasn't kidding about Jonas, he's like Jack Bauer without the doubt or moral ambiguity (or penchant for torture) and even if the rest of the show was crap it'd be worth watching for his weirdly precise, Mamet-esque way of always speaking in maxims or aphorisms.

(I totally get where you're coming from though zeitgeist, sometimes I fall out of my "adult A-team" headspace while watching it and then it becomes pretty frustrating that they have all these incredibly complex situations that'd be the perfect opportunity to examine America's current world role and they end up ducking the question, simplifying the issues beyond recognition and depicting the central characters as unalloyed, incorruptible heroes)

Saje, that must be why fish is so healthy, yes?

So long as I end up no worse off after a cuppa I can deal - tea, after all, soothes (I don't expect it to do that and cure heart disease ;).
Glad about The Unit and HIMYM. Both are decent shows although neither are on my must-watch list, if I'm honest. I'm pretty disappointed that Moonlight won't be back though. Easily my biggest surprise of the season. I went into the first episode with low expectations (good job as the pilot kinda sucked) but stuck with the show for a few weeks and found myself actually starting to like it. It really grew as the series progressed and a second season would have been worthwhile, I think.

Makes me kinda dubious about checking out any of the new genre style shows that CBS is offering up. They just don't seem to be the network to really make the most of cult series and if Moonlight wasn't developing well enough for them in a timeslot that everyone knows is a nightmare to deal with then I just don't see them being any happier with the ratings they will get with the new genre series they are going with. A shame, really.

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