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May 13 2008

Tony Head on Jonathan Ross. BBC1, Friday 16th May, 10:35pm BST.

Other guests are Sarah Jessica Parker, Andrew Marr and Yazoo.

Show is repeated Sunday 18th May, 1:50am BST.

YAY! Isn't Jonathan Ross a fan of Buffy? Well atleast that's what he said when Sarah Michelle Gellar was a guest on his show.
Yeah he's a Buffy fan and also gave 'Serenity' a bit of a rave review (possibly contributing to it being number 1 over here - well, that and the British cinema going public's faultless good taste. Ahem ;-).
He liked Serenity too, I think it was one of his 'films of the year'? He is bound to ask about Ripper.
'Serenity' won the Film Review peoples award -oslt, from the program which Jonathan hosts.

He is one of the only chatshows hosts I can bear to watch, so I'm hoping for an 'entertaining/outrageous' interview. Wonder what song they'll sing for Tony's entrance?

And Yazoo as well? *is nostalgic*.
He was also a guest on his Saturday radio show a few weeks back. I was going to post a link, but it'd already left the BBC website by then. If anyone's subscribed to the Jonathan Ross podcast and hasn't listened recently, you may well have an mp3 of the interview without realising it ..

Also, Jonathan Ross has got to be the most unashamedly geeky-yet-cool person on television.
Yes his snogging of Neil Gaiman was a sight to behold ;).

I'm hoping that Tony gets a good few minutes, one guest always gets longer but I suspect that'll be Sarah Jessica Parker in this show.
I'd almost forgotten about that! That kiss was truly epic.
Yeah, Ross is a total science fiction and fantasy fanboy so he'll be all over the Ripper question. I doubt that Tony will be able to say anything much new on the topic but I'm just happy that it keeps getting mentioned.

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